Critique on 1925 Bungalow Kitchen Design

annaship1April 24, 2014

The renovation of our 1925 bungalow will begin in a few weeks! We will be adding a much-needed powder room and closet to the main level where our kitchen currently resides, and the kitchen will move towards the back of the house where a small kitchen nook and small screened in porch are. The combined area of the space which will hold the kitchen, powder room, and closet is ~ 12 ft wide by 22 feet long. The top of the photo leads to the front door, the bottom left will be the door to the back yard. I will post additional detailed photos.

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To the left of the kitchen entrance (from the front door) will be a small desk area. To the left will be the door to the powder room. Beyond that on the right will be a pantry cabinet, the fridge, and a counter run including the range. To the left will be a peninsula, and the sink counter run. We will have an opening above the sink looking into a sunroom, to allow additional light into the space. There will be a trash pullout to the left of the sink.
My concerns with this design �" the sink is a bit far from the range. Unfortunately, because the access to the back yard is in the kitchen, we donâÂÂt have enough room for an l-shaped run that can include both the sink and the range on the same run with adequate (for me) counterspace on either side. The design also shows an under-counter microwave, which I am not sold on. Thoughts?

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Additional Images

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Last one

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I would lose the desk and put more storage....since you have stools around the counter.

Maybe find another spot for the fridge and pantry, they are blocking the lights from the window.

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Regarding the desk area -- I forgot to mention that there will be a radiator under that window.

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The stove is awfully far from the sink. How wide are those cabinets on either side of the stove? Any room there for a prep sink? You will be glad you have a place beside the stove to pour out boiled water from pasta and such, instead of having to carry it across the kitchen past a door, and it would also be great to be able to get some veggies washed and in the pan without having to carry them dripping across the floor.

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I agree that the stove is further from the sink than I would like. There are 36 inches on either side of the stove. I thought of putting a prep sink to the left of the stove, but don't know if there will then be enough counter space between the prep sink and stove. My current setup has the stove on an end, with no counterspace to one side and I HATE it! If I put in a 12 inch prep sink, that would probably leave between 18 and 21 inches between it and the stove. Do you think that would be sufficient?

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It looks like you have the bathroom door leading into the kitchen.....personally, I'd rather go upstairs than walk out into the center of a kitchen (ta daaaaaaa!) if i were a guest......that said, i would....

Make what i think is your pantry the radiator at least....and put the bathroom door on the side that would open to the least it crates more of a hallway for your guests, and who minds a bigger pantry.....if you could make it cover the window and the radiator, it becomes even more awesome as a pantry/room.

scoot the door near the peninsula down so you can move the fridge to where i think the door of the bathroom is now.

Put the sink either under the window next to the back door or where the fridge is now

Lose what i think is a pass through

make an L of whatever type of cabinets/counter configuration that you want from the back door to the door that was scooted down

what I'm suggesting obviously could/should be modified, but that's the gist of what I'd think about to make the bathroom situation more pleasant.

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This is my walk in pantry....its more like a room and it's a pleasure to be in

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And to be clear, when i say your pantry, I'm talking about that small room to the right of the front door.....I'd make it a bigger room

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I hope I don't sound snarky above.... long day..... and your floor plan just isn't optimal... and I need another bathroom too and have nowhere to put it. :)..I think if you actually put up the measurements of your current floor plan and put a list of things you want us to work around (half bath, keeping radiator, window/appliance/door/wall placement, etc), and your wants, people here could come up with something great.

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Magsnj, what you think is the pantry is actually a doorway to the basement. The door that leads to the kitchen will actually be a closet door. The entry to the bathroom will be a pocket door opposite the door to the basement, so that guests won't have the feeling of directly entering the kitchen from the bathroom. I'll see if I can post a modified floor plan.

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This floor plan might help more. You can see the entry at the front of the house, living room, dining room, sunroom, and the new kitchen, bath, and coat closet area.

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A few additional details...

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A few additional details...

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I know what I would do...... at least I think I do....I can't really see what the dimensions are.

I'd think about putting a wall up a little further down from the radiator.... keep the desk or whatever you want there, but put a wall up and put cabinets and the sink somewhere around there. Move the fridge to where the peninsula is now, and I'd still add cabinets and countertop on the wall next to the back door, under the window.

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I am heading to some kitchen showrooms today - I think that there may be a good solution in a secondary sink on the stove run - perhaps one where the cutting board rests on top of the sink, flush with the countertop...

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Couple questions and sorry if you've answered already.
Is the back door used frequently?
Are there kids screaming in and out? I ask because a range in a pathway can be a nightmare. Ask me how I know...
Are the barstools nonnegotiable?
What is directly adjacent to pass thru on sunroom side?
What are actual wall to wall measurements?

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If it was me I'd lose that entire wall between the kitchen and sunroom and incorporate that space into the new kitchen.

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I'd have the backdoor coming from the sunroom if possible and do a G shaped kitchen. You won't have room for shoes/coats in the kitchen by the backdoor (is there space for a mudroom?) so why not move it to the sunroom if possible. I agree with the range being across from the sink, I'm trying to solve that in my own kitchen right now.

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The only thing I would change is the's on the wrong side of the kitchen, IMHO.

If you are walking from the front door to the back door, it might make sense....but the peninsula and stools are in the way from the dining room to the kitchen...and from sunroom to back door, living room to fridge, etc.

Instead, if you swap the fridge and can add a prep sink (on bar or in corner) and still have stools, with the radiator. I would not have the desk, or move it to the wall to the basement. Or even a small pantry storage there. Just a few ideas :)

From Kitchen plans

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Thanks for all of the good suggestions. I agree that swapping the location of the peninsula and fridge makes some good functional sense. I am trying to decide if it is worth losing a tall, much needed, pantry cabinet for. Moving the pantry to the other side (with the main sink), would block too much light from what is a tall casement window. Trade-offs! The sun room is only 9'6" from front to back (and 11' wide), so it is tough to incorporate into a continuous space -- there are load bearing walls, radiators, and low, tall windows to deal with. Another thing I struggle with is maintaing the character of a bungalow -- it would have been easy to put a large beam across the middle of the house and open up the back four rooms, but then... it just isn't really a bungalow anymore, you know? One of the things that attracted us to this house was that it maintained a lot of it's original character -- I am willing to sacrifice some of the character to accommodate modern living, but I don't want it to completely disappear. I will update as our process moves forward...

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