LOOKING for: Egg Nog Breakfast Casserole

calilooDecember 7, 2005

Hey all!

Last Xmas I made an Egg Nog Breakfast casserole and can't find my recipe. It was one of those that you make the night before then bake in a 9 x 13 pan the following morning.

Can someone please repost the recipe?



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Is is it this one?

Egg Nog-Sweet Potato Casserole

* 4 cups canned sweet potatoes
* 2 T melted butter
* 1 cup egg nog
* 6 pineapple slices
* 2 T brown sugar

Whip sweet potatoes until smooth and fluffy. Add butter, egg nog and salt to taste. Beat well.

Spoon into casserole dish. Top with pineapple slices. Sprinkle brown sugar over

Bake for 25-30 minutes at 375º

Here is a link that might be useful: More recipes...

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WOW! no - that wasn;t it, but it shure sounds interesting.

The one I was thinkging of was made with challa and egg nog - like the French Toast casseroles. It had a caramel sauce with rum (or whiskey) as the syrup.

Hmmmmm... I may have to resort to.... cookbook search LOL! And ehre I thought EVERYTHING was available online! LOL!


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

I have this on my to try list as your recipe, but no mention of rum or caramel syrup? Is this the one one you wanted?

Eggnog French Toast (Caliloo/Alexa)

1 loaf French bread, sliced 3/4 inch thick

1 1/2 cup eggnog
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons butter,
4 eggs, beaten
ground nutmeg, to taste
ground cinnamon, to taste

In a large bowl or deep casserole dish, mix egg nog, milk, eggs and spices.

Dip each slice of bread in the mixture. Let soak for a minute but do not let the bread get soggy.

Heat a covered skillet on medium with a little butter, margarine or non-stick cooking spray. Place a few dipped bread slices into the skillet and cover.

In about 1 minute check the French toast (lifting with a spatula) to see if it is French toast is slightly browned. Adjust the burner heat if necessary. When the first side is browned, flip and brown the other side. Make sure to again cover the skillet.

Enjoy with a sprinkle of confectioners' sugar (powdered sugar), cinnamon, and a little fresh fruit

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