Suspended spices

bpathomeApril 11, 2014

I saw this tiny house, and thought the use of the little spice tins (way in the back under the loft bed) was pretty clever. In a small kitchen, why not have magnetic upper cab bottoms, and hang the spices, twist ties, toothpicks, what-have-you?

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That link was not good for me.

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Was it something like this?

This one is from a post at BluKatKraft blog. She used magnetic knife holders, and glued washers on the tops of the jars (full instructions on the page). Very clever and inexpensive. :) I especially like that the magnet is in the holder, so it won't be damaged in handling, and that the knife strips keep them all in pleasant looking lines rather than sort of kind of where they stick. :)

This is a variation on what men have been doing in workshops since the advent of the screw top jar: Mount the tops of repurposed food jars (my father's were from schmaltz herring, mostly, though some from jam) on the underside of a shelf. Put nuts, nails, etc, in the jar, then screw in place. Easy, mostly free, visual storage. :)

Rosle makes some very high end kitchen accessories that hang from a rail right under the cabinet, and all kinds of kitchen gizmos have been available since at least the '50's for hanging stuff from the underside of the cabinets, from paper towel rolls, and wraps (foil, saran, etc.), to TVs!

Definitely a useful idea. :)

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Thanks, plllog. It was kinda like that. I can't get to the picture, still figuring out this iPad thing. But yeah, only it was those smaller tins that look like puck lights. I like the picture you posted better, because I realized that with the tins, one wouldn't be able to see which tin they were choosing from underneath.

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That looks cool. :)

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Just be careful with the tins -- some of the lids don't fit that tight.

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Good point about seeing the tins, if you're talking about the standard magnetic spice tins that Lipper and Kamenstein have;

You'd have to put the labels on the sides and read for your spice rather than looking. I do that in my pullout spice rack--look for the labels--but seeing is better. :) I didn't realize until Lascatx pointed out that some lids don't fit tightly, that the tops of these (all the brands I looked at) press on and off. Not so great upside down where gravity is your enemy!

Looking on Amazon for the above picture, however, I came upon this! These jars were meant to put on your fridge, but they sell this plate separately (or you could use your own piece of scrap steel).

These little jars are designed for people with space issues, and are more suited to the little Spicely boxes of spice, or other anti-bulk packages, or else for those who buy bulk and store in the freezer. Not for whole cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans or bay leaves. Light and heat are bad for herbs and spices, however, so keeping to small portions is a good idea.

OTOH, according to the reviews, it's just a niobium magnet stuck to the lid, so unless you're looking for the little hex jars, it's definitely something you could do yourself with any steel lidded jar.

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Elraes Miller

Speaking of magnetic holders for garages, HD has 14" ones for $15, clean looking and strong. Far less expensive than the kitchen shops. Thin enough to hide under cupboards.

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