Thought of you Rita!

karpetAugust 18, 2011

I bought a bag of batting at a garage sale for .25 cents earlier in the summer and got it out last night to use in some baby blankets. As I unfolded the first piece, there was something dark in it - a beetle! And then I found a second one! Ewwww! I picked them out and flushed them and then did a micro inspection of the rest of the batting which was all clear. Even so, it made me think twice about using it!!!

I thought of you, Rita, and finding that little bug inside your finished hand-quilted quilt! I'm sure you were glad when he was removed!


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Have you given any thought to putting the batt into the dryer. That should get rid of any creatures that are lurking. Just dampen it litte before.

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I would not be able to use that batting - ever!
You will spend more than 25 cents in water (flush) and heat to dry ----ewwwwwwww......eggs, larvae, bug poo! Ick!

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First of all, there's a BIG difference between "just a beetle" and a cockroach (aka palmetto bug)! Second of all, it's so uplifting to know I will always be remembered as the one with the bug in her quilt! LOL! Anyways, thanks for thinking of me (I guess). There was a gigantic thread going in the Florida Gardening forum recently about palmetto bugs, and of course I had to put my 2 cents in, a lot of it was quite hilarious. And I wonder what the deal is with bugs and batting???

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LOL - when I saw the title of this post my first thought was "I bet it's about that palmetto bug!" I haven't been posting on the Gardening forum but I still visit there about once a week to read over the posts. I saw that thread about palmetto bugs and really enjoyed it.


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I'm over at the gardening forum and I saw that post too!!! We did have more palmetto bugs in Florida than here, and some of the HUGE bugs could FLY!!! Also, my yard in Florida was home to black snakes and one made it into my laundry room and was on my quilt.
I was ready to throw it away too lol!!!!

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I was worried about left over bug residue also, but the good thing about this batting is it is so white that even a cream colored thread stands out on it so.

I usually don't buy batting unless it is in it's original packaging because it is so velcro-like that it picks up and holds so many things!

I lived in Tallahassee for a short while and encountered one of those huge flying bugs as it flew into my room in the dark of night! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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Don't get me started on those flyin' things! I never had one here until the other night! I was looking at a magazine and you'd a thought I was wavin' in an airplane. I couldn't find it that night but the next morning Prissy was watching it as it must have been on it's last wing/leg.

yucky yucky yucky


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Yup, hello, I also pop by less often and saw this thread--AHA! Somebody else has bug issues!

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