Nisa Jadestone

momonjavaApril 25, 2011

Good afternoon...has anyone either installed or considered this material? Seems as though it's the answer to a prayer: stainproof, heat resistant, impact resistant, doesn't need sealing, available matte finish which doesn't seem to show streaks or fingerprints. It passed a number of tests with flying colors and won some sort of award at a recent countertop convention. It's brand new and there's very little information on the Internet. A KD pointed me to this and I was able to get a small sample (which I have to return, otherwise I'd try to abuse it). It's pretty and the photos look lovely as far as I can tell (the website isn't very good). Thanks for any insights!

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Only 10 year warranty?

Four colors?

Looks like very limeted availability to select markets.

What is the cost? Tried to google it but can't seem to find it.

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momonjava's strange that there are only 4 colors. But the graphite is really beautiful and the name is an apt descriptor as it is exactly the color of pencil lead. Ballpark quote was $8/sf installed but that was an off-the-cuff estimate. There are only a limited number of outlets carrying the stone, but the KD firm I've been working with just got their own set of samples from a rep so I gather they're branching out.

The stone fabricator says that he's installed the white in a couple of kitchens and the owners are happy. Never the graphite though. I might pick up the phone and call around to some other outlets.

As for the 10 year warranty: Silestone's is 15 years, Zodiaq is 10 and Caesarstone has just begun offering limited lifetime (was 10 years). So this does not seem too far off the mark.

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oops of course I mean $80/sf. What planet am I on anyway??!!

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I googled white nisa jade stone.

One of the links I got was alibaba with a list of Chinese manufacturers making white "jade stone" for vanities, countertops, and furniture.

Also got 5 hits on youtube posted by "nisajadestone."

It was Chinese guys fabricating the stone in a very basic shop.

I take it this Nisa Jadestone is not the same stuff as on the site?

This is not made in China for $80/sq ft?

Made in the USA?

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I know these postings are from a long time ago but Nisa Jadestone is available through Dorado Soapstone at Just give us a call.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dorado Soapstone

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