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bev2009August 18, 2014

My DD and I designed this quilt last summer for the screened porch. It is my goal to have it up before the first frost. LOL (I told DH by Sept 7 when friends are coming over and he asked 2015 or 2016. Funny guy, huh?)

Do you think 2" black sashing would be too much? I don't want to detract from the fans and it is going to be pretty big, but the porch is big. Maybe 1" sashing? Does it matter the order I attach. Should I have long strips for the horizontal and do the short on the vertical? The orange flower fabric will be a 3" border. The four block units measure 18.5".

There will be three of the "panels" along the middle. I love the little ducks swimming in the water.

Any advice would be appreciated.
More photos in next posts.

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Or I had thought of another layout with a little more style to it, but I would lose one of the blocks. I haven't figured the measurements to see how the sashing would come out, whether I would have to border each of the panels. Thoughts?

The wall it is going on is 22' long by 9.5' tall. It will be centered in the wall over a little table out of the sunlight.

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That orange border fabric is gorgeous, but may I ask why you would use black for sashings? Is that dark fabric with the swirly gold in it black? To me it reads very dark green but I might be wrong. I think if it is dark green it would be better suited. But that's the darkest thing I can tell on these photos and if it is black then that would be fine. As for placement of the blocks and panels I can't make a judgement on that.

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Background of the duckies is black.

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I had the same first thought - that black would be too dark and stand out too much. Maybe a sashing of a dark green that would blend well with other dark greens in the fan blocks. It's hard to tell from the photos what dark colors might be in the blocks.


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The 2nd layout is more appealing to me, especially with using that great fabric as alternating blocks. Maybe the extra block could go on the back as a label?

Not sure what looking you're going for, but I like the black sashing, though it will make it darker. A rich dark green from the duckies fabric would also tie in the lighter green background of the fans.

There is no particular order in adding sashings. If you do the first layout, you might add 2 borders (side & bottom, for example) to each block and then put them together... this would elliminate long horizontal or vertical sashings. [When you do long sashings, you have to be much more careful about lining up blocks..they can get out of alignment very easily.]

Of course, if you do the 2nd layout, the sashings would go on totally different.

This is a very pretty quilt. What purpose is it going to serve on the porch?

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Have you tried an on-point layout? With 5 grouped together in the center, the orangish-red as the outside triangles and the other fabric for border? Not sure if it would work or not, just thinking.........


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Oh I love the little ducks swimming!, but afraid I am no help with your sashing questions.???

Best to you,

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I like the idea of the dark green for the sashing, but I've already bought the black (as well as black for two other projects), so I'll stick with that. That might sound silly, but I really try not to accumulate too much fabric, as I seem to be a slow quilter. We live near Lake Michigan and the steel mills, so the porch is always getting a thin layer of something from the mills. I was trying to keep the quilt on the dark side so it wouldn't show the dirt, but obviously, I had to have some light fabric, i.e. the green.

Sharon, I set it on point, laid on the black, iwith the border fabic folded in a triangle and it looks beautiful. But I'd lose the focus on my duckie fabric and that was the inspiration for the quilt. LOL Not sure I have enough of the duckie for the border. Forgot to take a picture, so I'll lay this one out again and contemplate some more.

Thanks, Jennifer, for the suggestions of the sashing. I figured there might be issues I didn't know about. I'll try and keep the sashing short pieces if possible.

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I think everything in deign looks better with a touch a black! I love black and I think it will look wonderful. I am anxious to see the layout. Sharon ALWAYS has the most creative and best suggestions!

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FlamingO in AR

I think black sashing would be great, but remember, it shows all the dust and if it's out in a screen room, that might be an issue.

I prefer the first layout, but I'm fussy like that, plus my engineer husband would go cross-eyed with anything different, or "off" center, LOL.

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