Have you tried the new Triscuit crackers series?

ravencajun Zone 8b TXMay 8, 2013

I saw the new series at Kroger the other day and decided to try some. I got the brown rice baked with sweet potatoes and roasted sweet onions. I wasn't very hopeful but I was very surprised. I really like them. I don't eat crackers often and prefer a whole grains version when I do, which these are . These were excellent.
They have several flavors including red beans, tomatoes and basil and more all with brown rice . I have only tried the one with sweet potatoes.
I am only commenting on my personal feelings and not on the nutritional values. It is strictly taste based, I would try them again and would like to try the other flavors. Anyone else tried any?

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I agree with your assessment! Much better than the "original" ones. I would buy them again.

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I'm not sure if this is one of the newest flavors, but there's one with dill, and it was yucky. I threw the box out. I haven't seen brown rice varieties yet (trying to stay out of the crackers and cookies aisle!).

I like the olive oil and cracked pepper ones, tho.

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I got the Brown Rice w Salt & cracked Pepper last week. I tried them last weekend and thought they were pretty good, my DH did also, but I missed the texture of the plain (I get the low-fat version). I LOVE the plain wheat w dips, thou it is probably only a handful of times I have crackers during the year. I am interested in using new products made that allow you to avoid wheat. I am not intolerant of wheat just want to limit my intake of it. I got a rice flour pasta few weeks ago I haven't had time to try yet. I did see the sweet potato version and will get that for this weekend for my DH, he eats anything w sweet potatoes. It's a nice change ~ liz

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Thanks for your assessment, I was wondering!

So does anyone know why the rice route? It's not replacing the wheat, right? It's not like they're trying to be gluten free.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

They're trying to capitalize on the healthier foods market. I'm not sure that these crackers qualify, but they sure sound tasty!

I like the original version, too....especially the low fat version as Liz does. I know that I will try one of these new flavors one of these days.

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Tried a couple of the new flavors. With stick with the Original. Love Triscuits!

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I bought the Brown Rice with Salt & Cracked Pepper and loved it.

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I'll try them. They sound good. I had the olive oil/ cracked pepper ones which I liked.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I love the baby bell cheese especially the original red one, and the white lite, and it goes really good with the Triscuit.

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I bought the sweet potato /onion one tonight which I haven't tried yet.

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Raven how do they effect your diabetes?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I don't eat crackers often so these I use with the cheese as one of my mid day snacks or my before bed snack, I have not had any problems at all with them upping my numbers but I don't sit and eat a whole box either LOL
Moderation is the mantra!

I do like that it has less wheat content since it has the brown rice but is still a whole grain product.

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