Lots of Eye (Quilt) Candy

magothyrivergirlAugust 10, 2012

I love the clean lines and refreshing looks of these quilts.

Scroll down and spend some time clicking on the links-there is something for everyone.

You can't help but admire the inspiration and 'out of the box' forward thinking of these designers. You can clink on the links and go to their blogs to read about the quilt shown.

I hope you enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Modern Quilt Guild

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I really like the quilts with the concentric circles quilting, I might try that with this mini I'm working on.

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Those are wonderful quilts - and so ME. To see all those in one spot is exciting.

I'm off to Berkeley to shop - and it's all your fault, Marsha!

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Thanks, Marsha. I've been on the site before, but I never spent enough time at it. Those are some great quilts. I'm still working on gathering enough Marimekko for a king quilt. The extra pieces my friend gave me added new colors and patterns, but I'm still a little short.

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Thanks for the link. Too bad I have no self control. I've been looking at it for way too long now and need to get up and QUILT!

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I finally found the time to really explore this site today. I am drawn to these clean, spare modern quilts in interesting colors! Amazed by their creativity. There's one quilt with traditional blocks on the top 2/3rd but towards the bottom the blocks start to 'fall away' from the rest and then there are little bits of color - like individual block pieces are laying there... awesome! clever! I wish I had thought of it! It isn't the prettiest quilt on the site but it's so creative.

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