RECIPE: Steak & Wine Casserole

khandiDecember 30, 2006

Steak & Wine Casserole

2 lbs steak (cubed)

1 (10 oz) can cream of mushroom soup

1 (10 oz) can dry wine

1 (10 oz) can water

1 can mushrooms

1 envelope Lipton onion soup mix

Brown the meat; put everything together in a roast pan. Cook in 250 F degree oven for 2 hours. Serve with noodles or rice.

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What kind of steak? Do you add any fat to the pan when browning? Do you cover the pan when baking? How big a pan?
Any seasoning besides that in the onion soup mix and the can of mushroom soup?
Do you find it very salty? Sounds like it might be very high in sodium...
What kind of wine? White or red? or would a sweet wine like marsala do?
Might be an easy dinner.
Linda C

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Linda, I'd think an experienced cook like yourself might be able to figure it out, if you were so inclined to make it.

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Any kind of steak you like to use... flank, round, etc. As usual, you add some type of fat to pan when browning meat. Yes, you cover the pan. Once your meat is cut up, you'll know what size pan you need. I'm not sure what size mine was and I used a cheap cut of steak (meat gets tender anyways). The onion soup mix and mushroom soup was good enough for us. Used red wine with red meat. Didn't find it salty.

This also works well in a slow cooker.

Like ruthanna said, an experienced cook would be able to figure it out. You can make whatever adjustments/changes you want. I always try a recipe as is if it sounds good enough and then make the necessary changes according to my family's preference.

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Some are more "experienced" than others. LOL

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Once your meat is browned, remove it from the skillet and put it in your casserole dish or roast pan. I added a little butter to the skillet and quickly sautéed the mushrooms; pour into casserole dish. To the skillet, add the water or wine to deglaze the pan.. scrape up all the browned bits. I then added the soup mix to have it dissolved. Mix in your mushroom soup, other liquid (wine or water) and, then pour this into the casserole dish with the meat. Then bake as directed. That's the method I used.

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I bet LindaC CAN figure it out - but we should remember that not everyone who reads these forums is experienced as some of us. I think it is nice that Linda asked for clarification on the directions that would be inadequate for a beginning cook. Especially one who might be reading this post and not feel comfortable asking the questions for themselves.

Just a though, it might be better to over-simplify directions since you can't be sure of the experience level of the reader here.


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Thanks Alexa. Of course I would know how to make a dish of browned beef with a sauce of canned soup and wine and mushrooms. But I have seen a lot of posters on these forums ask why something was dry....when they used too big a pan and the ingredients spread out, or why it tasted strange when they used a strange or spoiled wine or why it was tough when they used london broil for a quick cooked meat..
I believe the recipe was intended for a beginning cook and a busy one who wants a simple quick dish....and if you don't have the particulars at hand, a simple dish becomes difficult.
Linda C

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I have to agree. It was my mistake, and I apologize (as with that darn chicken & stuffing recipe LOL). I tend to forget how some people use these forums as a "beginning cooking course" or whatever. I guess that I just took it for granted that everyone would know what I meant by the "gest" of the recipe.

I'm doing a family heirloom cookbook for tried and true recipes, and some of the recipes have REALLY quick cooking directions. I'm "detailing" the directions so that my daughter (now 15) and young "nieces-in-law" (if that's even a word! LOL) will know who to make it.

I'll really try to make sure my directions are a little more clearer next time I post a recipe. Heck.. doesn't matter how long one has cooked, there's always something to learn! LOL

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Thanks for the reminder, Alexa. I really should add emulating Linda's thoughtful consideration of and kindness towards newer posters as one of my 2007 resolutions.

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You are welcome ruthanna!

Linda may be a little brusque at times, but she contributes so much to the forums that she is a valuable resource and should be appreciated for her informative posts.


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I made this recipe last night with some leftover steak I had. Added sauteed onions and didn't add the extra water since it looked like it had plenty of liquid already. Served with rice, it was delicious. It made a very nice thick gravy and it was very flavorful. Thanks for posting this khandi!

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