Low profile (short drop) bedskirt?

annac54June 3, 2011

Anyone seen any bedskirts for low-profile (half-sized) box springs? I haven't had any luck finding them. I will probably have to make one, but I have other things I need to spend my time doing. TIA for any suggestions.

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What is the drop/length? most bed skirts go from 14" to 18"
Overstock has several at 14" plus you can uses risers to raise the bed if needed.

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The drop is 9". The mattress is 16", so we went with the low-profile box spring as we didn't want the bed any higher.

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Do you need a bed skirt? You could consider covering the box spring with a fitted sheet in a color that compliments your bedding instead.

Otherwise, just buy one and shorten it.

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We have a low profile box spring also, We used a regular length bedskirt and pinned it up from the top of the mattress.. I got the idea from someone at Macy's who told me it's what they sometimes do. Worked out fine.

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Anna, I have a queen bed with a low profile box spring. A queen bedskirt hung too long but I found a "full" size bedskirt fit perfectly. Good luck. I didn't want to hem it either!!

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Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe the queen will work on our king mattress. Otherwise, I'll try pinning it up. If all fails, I'll just shorten one. At the moment, I have enough going on with a kitchen re-do that's taking up a lot of time. I'm just tired of looking at the pink box spring which doesn't go with anything in that room.

Again, thanks for the suggestions.

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I was going to suggest safety pins also. Then got to thinking that maybe you could "hem" one with 1/4" iron on invisible tape. Would need ironing when new, so two for one activity and give you some nice body to the bedskirt fabric. I've used this before and it is easy, takes little time and looks really good rather than the normal little hemming on most.

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I have been thinking of iron on tape for somethings I have to do and was wondering is that removable if you ever change your mind or is it a permanent solution.

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It depends upon the tape. Check the package and play with it prior to a finished project. I have used some that allows me to pull apart later and washing will remove the rest. Also depends upon how hot the iron is. Read directions as too hot will melt the tape rather than come out as wanted. Iron the item for a fold wanted before using. It works well and gives a crisp edge without a hem showing. You can also use it for clothing...shortening pants, etc.

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Although I can't find it now, I read a blog where someone had cut their bedskirt up and hot glued it to the box springs. As she said, how much damage could she do to the value of used box springs?

If you didn't want to hot glue it, you could pin it to the box springs using quilting pins. If you choose to do that, get the curved quilting pins.

There are some ideas in the Comments section of the article linked below, including a link to an Etsy shop, and a tutorial on making a bedskirt with pins and a sheet.

Here is a link that might be useful: AT article

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Hot glue... what a great idea sounds like something I would think of... or Gorilla glue.... lol

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Anna, if you're just tired of the pink, put a fitted sheet over the boxspring until you have time to come up with a permanent fix.

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