Info on Koch cabinets? Also Decor "Sorrento" cabinets?

martharApril 6, 2013

We are considering using Koch cabinets for our remodel and wondering what experience others have had with their product? Also looking at Decor "Sorrento". Both are small companies and it's hard to find photos of kitchens using either cabinetry. I've searched Houzz etc...Thank you.

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This may be a little late for you, but we used Koch for our kitchen remodel last year and love them - they seem like very good quality and are very sturdy. We've had no problems since they were installed about 10 months ago. There were a couple doors that had to be replaced because they were found with minor damage after installation, but we had no issues with getting replacements. We got all soft closing hardware and full extension dovetail drawers which we love, and also got plywood sides and backing. The kitchen designer didn't think the plywood was necessary but it was only a few hundred dollars more and we felt it was worth it. Below is a pic of the mostly finished kitchen.

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