Calling all Soapstone Owners...

laurencpApril 24, 2014

Do you use wax or mineral oil? I would appreciate any experience anyone has with either method. Just wondering how "oily" the counters stay after using mineral oil. From what I have been reading waxing accomplishes the same with less applications than oil, but how hard do you have to rub?

I watched a video by Dorado and he made it look very easy...

Thanks very much, getting ready for my countertops that are arriving next week.

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My soapstone won't be installed until next week but I have been practicing on a sample. The mineral oil seems to disappear quickly because it does not soak in, it just gets wiped off over time. The wax which usually contains something like beeswax and an oil such as mineral or walnut, coats the stone and it is not hard to polish at all. It definitely lasts longer and I prefer the look.

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For the first year or so I used mineral oil every 2 or 3 months. After that I didn't do anything. After using the mineral oil they look "oily" but they really aren't. Unless you use too much, of course. If I remember correctly our island is 6x8 and you can get quite a little workout. :)

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