Are you quilting this weekend? Aug. 17-19

lindaoh_gwAugust 17, 2012

Here we go again! I haven't been near my sewing machine for about two weeks. DH is recovering from his knee surgery and I am still not feeling well. My ribs hurt from coughing. I hope I feel well enough to finish a small quilt that I am making from a pattern in "Another bite of Schnibbles" using a charm pack.

Are you planning to sew or quilt this weekend?

Linda OH

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I probably won't get much quilting in this weekend, because my husband and I will be quite busy celebrating our 50th high school class reunion. I can't believe fifty years have passed.

The other night, I got together with 5 other women who were on the synchronized swimming team back then. What a hoot! Today, we're having a pep fest (remember that old term) in our high school gym. Our basketball team won the state championship in our senior year, so we're having a basketball game complete with members of our cheer leading squad and dance line. My husband, who is retired emergency physician, will be standing by with a defibrillator, just in case.

There will be a casual get-together tonight, golf tomorrow morning and dinner tomorrow night. I imagine we'll all need a couple days to recover after all that. It's fun to see old friends and celebrate making it this far.

Hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you do. Lois

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Linda, I'm sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon.

I plan to spend tomorrow holed up in the sewing room. I haven't sewn in several weeks, either, due to vacation then FIL's wedding and family visiting last weekend. I want to make 2 more minis for my guild.

Sunday's my birthday and we're going to SeaWorld. :) If we decide to go after lunch I'll probably sew some more in the morning; if we decide to go early I'll probably be wiped out from the heat and just want to nap when we get home! LOL


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Linda, you know you're sick when you don't even want to quilt! I hope you and your dh get well soon.

Have fun at your reunion, Lois!! I missed my 30 year recently. I wish I had gone.

Happy Birthday, Donna!!

I got my new monthly shipment for my Dear Jane, so I hope to get a lot of those done this weekend. I'm also in the mood to do some cooking. My tomato plants are finally producing more than I can eat, so I thought I might put up some salsa. We'll see how that goes :-)


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Linda: hope you are both feeling better soon!
Lois: Have a great time with old friends. Take it easy on the cheerleading though!
Donna: Happy birthday!
Great weekend to you all sewing or not.

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Today I have been cutting fabric for my September Lotto block as I was too anxious to sit still for very long as I was eagerly waiting on the day to end - it was my son's first day back at school - and yes it went very well am happy to say. Just went and collected a few seeds in the garden really too hot to be outside. I plan to hand-quilt my Grandma's quilt this weekend, do some crocheting on my son's Ripple afgan - both will hopefully be Christmas presents - and keep cutting fabric for my Lotto block - 1 to mail to the swap, 1 for me to keep and 1 to mail to a friend. Well off to get something done. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Best to you,

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Linda: Hope you feel better soon along w/ your DH. And Lois...50th HS reunion...well that is something to celebrate! I went to my 30th, it was a small class of 100 girls 30 years ago, it's really a small group now.
Birthday Girl...Enjoy your day.
I hope to get some blocks completed for the and prep another completed quilt top for FMQ...but the weather may call me outside to clean up the garden...will see how it goes!
Enjoy the weekend...

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Thanks for the get well wishes. I hope this goes away soon. Next Sat. (25th) is our 45th high school class reunion. I have been helping with the plans and really want to go see some friends that I haven't seen for 45 years. I've reconnected with some of them through facebook. I found that one friend is also a quilter. Can't wait to see her.
Linda OH

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Yes, I hope to. I had made August and September's Lotto blocks early in spring. I fell in love with them and used both in quilts. Managed to make three more of August and September's. I fell in love with two of September's AGAIN. I'm either going to have to pony up and send them, or make two more for the lotto. rofl. Either way I decide, it's a given I have more of September's to make. That's how most of my quilts get born. I don't plan on making them, they just jump out and bite me.

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Jump out and bite you? Love it!

Linda, get well soon.
Donna, happy birthday, and make sure you sit in the dry part of the seats when you go to Sea World. The whales spit at! I learned the hard, but fun, way!
Lois, have fun at your reunion! It's always good to reconnect.
Sandra, enjoy your weekend.

Tonight I finished 2 blocks for the birthday exchange and will be mailing them out tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get in more quilting this weekend, but we'll see how it goes. My only real wish for this weekend is that the plumbing doesn't leak again (and it better not, by golly, what with everything I did to it last weekend!) and the cats don't get into the walls again (had to rescue Bump when he decided to check out the construction last Sunday). Now, if we could just get some big ol' thunderstorms on Sunday, I'd be pleased as punch! (where did that saying come from?)

Have a happy, safe, sane weekend everyone!


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Yes I am. I hope to get the 2 Pine Tree tops finished and start on 2 more.


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When my package arrived yesterday from my online shopping last weekend~I dropped everything and was able to squeeze in about an hour of sewing before dinner. Yay!

Linda - I hope you are feeling better & your DH is improving.

Sounds like a busy fun weekend for all! Enjoy!

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Linda I hope you and your hubby get to feeling better soon. My hubby is doing well except for being sore and hasn't gotten his energy levels back to 100% after his back surgery. We thankfully got about 1/3 of an inch of rain, better than nothing though. I have gotten about 60 hours worth of hand-quilting done on my Grandma's quilt in the past 4 weeks, hoping to have it done by Christmas. I have the bottom row of blocks and strips/smaller blocks above that bottom row completed and now am working on the 2nd row of blocks (from the bottom up). I also got to work on my son's Ripple crochet afgan, again hoping to have it done by Christmas. And I got fabric cut for my September Lotto block - 1 for the swap, 1 for me, and 1 for my friend Christy - and I got my swap block sewn just now and I like how it turned out. So had a very productive weekend. :-)

Best to you,

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Oops! When the type-o's start you know it's time to go to bed. That was suppose to be:

Best to you,

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Thank you all for the birthday wishes! We had a good time at Sea World yesterday, and only got wet when an afternoon thunderstorm blew up. Hubby grilled steaks for dinner.


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Spent some time this weekend working on finishing my round robin project for the quilt show - don't want my friends disappointed in me for not getting it finished!

Also, spent some time organizing my sewing room: getting my apparel fabric measured and labeled. Found some pieces I had forgotten about....Yay! "free" fabric, LOL! Now I actually have space on my cutting table to cut! What a novel idea!


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