recipe: easy popcorn candy

mxyplxDecember 23, 2008



1 bowl of popcorn

1 can of mixt nuts

1 bowl of sugar with teaspoon

To the left of the kitchen sink, line up the ingredients with the popcorn on the far left, nuts in the middle and sugar on the right.

Cram a big handful of popcorn in your mouth and reduce with 2-3 chews.

Shake a small handful of nuts into your left hand and toss into your mouth.

Place a teaspoonful of sugar into your left hand and toss into your mouth.

Commence chewing and at same time move to sink and rinse sugar off lips and hands. Dry off.

Repeat as necessary.

Left handed? No sweat. Just reverse the layout.


Hint: If you substitute a bottle of karo syrup for the sugar just sip from the bottle; eliminates all that washing.

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That is funny!


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That's my kind of cooking!

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