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patty2430May 7, 2013

If this subject has already been posted recently, I apologize, but was pretty clueless until today. Went shopping today, and decided it was time to invest in a new bra or two. Went into Lingerie, and began looking at my favorite brand....wait, no numbered sizes, just S, M, L...what??! When did this happen? I know I've been putting off a purchase for a long time, but, what is happening to our individual sizes? Anyone out there using a S/M/L? Like it or not? Can we/should we complain to the manufacturers?

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I just went shopping for new bras - did not see s/m/l choices - just actual cup sizes and midriff measurements offered. Where were you shopping?

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Just bought two online last week...arrived today. They were sold as always. (38C)

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Where were you shopping? What brand is that?

I just bought some, by band and cup... just as always.

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I went a couple of weeks ago & I also saw the S,M,L sizing. i tried them but did not like them & went back to conventional sizing - 32, 34 etc & A, B, C etc cup sizes

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Sounds like a sports bra sizing.


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Bought a new one(ugh) two days ago (ugh, again) does not fit. Same old sizing....can't believe that two months with a broken shoulder and not wearing a bra can change your size so much. (of course the remaining extra 'lump' on my breast from the fall, does not help)

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There is a brand out there that has that sizing -- my sister picked up a few at Kohls. It's called "Barely There." They had both underwire and non, and there were colors beyond black and beige. She likes them. Maybe because they have a bit more stretch to them?

Just once I want to find a really good one and, when I want to buy more, find them again. It takes me a few weeks to figure out whether it's truly wearable or just bearable.

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I DESPERATELY need new bras but know how exasperating it is to find them. I'm down to two that are easily ten years old and two that are newer, but don't fit right -- even after finding a bra extender, thanks to help from the KT.

I don't want a bra with a liner -- have too much of 'me' already. I've thrown out non-underwires in the past. I just DREAD the exhaustion of trying, trying, trying on bras!

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Chisue -

I have worn Bali bras for years and I love them. I recently lost 85 pounds & went from a 40DD to a 38D and I think my "final" size is 36C - I bought 3 different Bali bras 3 weeks ago in this size. They are all underwire & do not have padding - I don't like padding at all.

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If you don't mind trying online shopping visit You search by size, style etc. and the reviews do help.

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hostapasta -- Thanks for reminding me of Bali. I am 'all front' and 'no back'. I used to wear Bali and will look them up again! I really don't know what size I am anymore. I'm still 36", but no longer a DD. My two ancient bras are Vanity Fair -- remnants from a supply of six.

The only thing worse that buying a bra is buying a swimsuit! I wouldn't dare trying this online, but thanks for the reply, two.25acres.

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I have a thing for cotton and for the last 8 to 10 years have been buying bras from Target, a Platex that is hung on a hanger rather than stuffed in a box and is mostly cotton. There is an underwire and I feel they are very comfortable. The cotton is not thin as some, so I feel it gives enough coverage. I don't care for the padded type since I don't like the idea of those chemicals next to my skin. :)

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