Need ideas for fund-raiser quilt

gininmnAugust 17, 2011

I've been asked to suggest an appropriate quilt to make for a fund raiser for the annual meeting of the 2012 American Fisheries Society. Doesn't have to be just fish-themed but I think fish and aquatic focus would be the most appealing to those (fish people and some spouses) who will be attending the meeting. Several years ago, I suggested and spearheaded the making of a quilt for my state chapter. Solicited donations of blocks from members (or their quilting acquaintances) with the general fisheries/aquatic them, then the woman who is spearheading this one, designed it and completed it. It was great. I loved it and bought quite a few tickets, but alas, I didn't win it. lol

This donated quilt will be for the annual national meeting which is being hosted by our state chapter. A successful fundraiser is very important to the organization. Quilt would likely be raffled (chances likely sold only at the meeting) or maybe used in a silent auction. Obviously, we want to have something special. One idea I have is making a t-shirt quilt with fish/aquatic shirts, perhaps asking for donations of t-shirts from shops and those who sell ones that would work. I think that would be okay but likely not as special as something else. By the way, I'll help where I can but I won't be the one making the quilt. Linda is a much more experienced quilter (but very busy so can't do it all herself). I'd/We'd appreciate any suggestions -- patterns, fabrics, etc. that we might consider.

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Ginny, you could also do simple star blocks using blues and greens to remind people of water and trees and not have any fish. Blocks with batiks on white background are very appealing to crowds that really don't appreciate all the work in a quilt. They can be striking.

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You have several options. You can choose a fish or water fabric to use in various blocks as a background color or fussy cut for a center piece. You can choose a fish or water themed block made with different fabrics. You could do a row robin quilt, then no one person would have to do it all.


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Maybe find a marine life panel and work from that? Make snowglobes look like a mini fish tank?

Here's one I made a few years ago that might give you an idea:


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My brother used to be very serious about his salt water aquarium (he's since dismantled it) and I was going to do him a fish quilt. I will see if I can find the pattern that I was going to use. The blocks resembled fish if I remember correctly. I'll get back and let you know what I can find.


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My guild has been asked to do a fundraiser quilt for a charity and we are doing a Hidden Star with machine embroidered words in the center of the star. Ours is for a children's charity so is done in soft peach, yellow and green with words of encouragement. You could use blues and greens with related words.

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People are probably sick of hearing me about the 9-Patch Pizzazz.....but it would be perfect. There are several quilts in the book made with fish. It is fast and looks more complicated than it is. The 9 patches provide the "movement". There are so many fish theme fabrics available, from playful to real sportsman fishing scenes.

There are many variations to the layout available - I would describe it as a technique or formula quilt. I have bought other themed fabric hoping to make a his & hers -same fabric-different look.

This is the top I recently completed using a crab (feast) theme. I found newsprint of muscle car ads, 1969 - 1972
for back. (We serve steamed crabs on newspaper).

When you view Amazon - try to look at page 32.

My top:

Here is a link that might be useful: 9-Patch Pizzazz

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What a great pattern, Marsha. You can make it any theme/color you want. A charity quilt for any cause could be made up with this one.

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Thought I'd posted but must have forgotten to submit message I typed. Anyway here's what I said: I appreciate all the ideas and suggestions you are sharing. Keep them coming. We have lots of time to decide because the meeting isn't until September 2012.

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