August Quilting Goals

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLAugust 1, 2011

Are you staying inside this month? I know of one gal who has already pulled up all her plants because of the weather plus being on water rationing. Somehow, I think we've shot holes in the natural protection that was given....but, I'm not a scientist, so that's JMHO.

This month I would like to:

1. Sandwich and quilt the Crumby D9P

2. Sandwich and quilt the Butterscotch Cream

3. Work on a baby quilt

4. This months Love In The Mist blocks

5. Weekly BOW's

That should keep me off the streets!


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It sounds like you'll be busy this month, Sharon! We are on water restrictions, too (have been for years), but they don't seem to enforce it much in this area. I see lots of sprinklers going when they shouldn't be.

I don't know what my goals are. I've been working on hubby's quilt when I can, and I don't really have anything else I've been working on. I'm having a surgical procedure Friday so I don't think I'll feel up to sewing much this weekend. And we're about to embark on having our master bath remodeled, so I've got some preparation I want to do for that.

So...I think my sewing goals will be:

Finish hubby's quilt top (blocks are done, so they need to be sewn together and the borders assembled and attached)

Aug. block of my Civil War BOM


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I did great on my July goals, probably because it was too hot to be outside much & I had a definite deadline to finish the Jar quilt. I even started & completed a top not on the list!
August Goals:
1. Sept Birthday Blocks
2. Complete 2 BOM for Guild meeting (if I continue doing it)
3. Make the backing for the 9 Patch Pizazz I completed in July
4. Make some Snowglobe blocks - decided how - still need to make a sample block & wash to make sure it works. It is a
Christmas present - I have to get moving on this!!!
Quilt 9 Patch Pizazz
Lotto blocks

I would like to make another 9 Patch Pizazz for Christmas - 2 actually - so maybe order the fabric.

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Oh I'm going to have fun this month!
> I have finished the top and the pieced backing on the tavern signs piece so now it's on to the quilting! I'll be doing FM and want to do something a little more adventurous than my typical meander. So far, my practice pieces look terrible so I'm not ready to start the quilting yet, but I'm eager to get it done so I think I'll be starting it this week.
> There's a quilt shop hop next weekend in Central Florida along the east coast and I'm planning to visit each of the participating shops with a friend. I'm looking for a Bali Pops in light colors to go with 'Strawberry Fields' so I have a goal for the day's shopping. If I can find it I might get started on the Bali Pops Log Cabin that's been bouncing around in my head for the past year! Not sure yet if it will be a sofa quilt or a queen size for the guest room.
> And I should be receiving the coated fabric for my backpack idea this week. Not sure how that project is going to go but it will be fun to play with the fabric and patterns. I have a small doggie pack pattern and may be able to make that from the same fabric. I found some light-reflective piping that I'll use on the pack(s), too! Safety first!


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For August, I want to:

1) get the Voyager sewing right
2) finish 2 UFOs
3) finish birthday blocks

That should keep me busy enough.


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I'm beginning to realize that I'll be lucky to finish the quilts I started at the beginning of this year by the end of this year! I keep getting sidetracked!

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Karlene, aren't you glad this is a journey and not a race!?! LOL

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I took a short 45 min workshop/lecture at our local quilt show given by one of the venders who was a former fabric designer for housewares & home furnishings-she showed us some very memorable items from the 70's & 80's she designed. Her entire talk was about finding inspiration for our colorways from nature. Her portfolio had old photos from a simple flower in her neighbor's yard, and how it evolved into a beautiful piece of fabric from breaking it down in sections and reproducing the shades. She uses nature for most of her designs - the veining in leaves, the feathers in birds. It was a very interesting lecture.

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I am very sorry - the above post was meant for Quilty colored glasses thread-this is the second time I have posted to the wrong thread! One computer crashes Firefox every single time I try to post to a thread on GW - frustrating - so in my haste, I rewrite on another computer and somehow post in the wrong thread. I will be more careful....again,I apologize.

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Don't worry about it! I would have loved to sit in on that talk.

I am glad this is a journey! I was chain piecing on an easy quilt last night and I kept thinking it was taking so long to get through the first set of blocks. I finally stopped and counted and somehow when I counted the first time before I started sewing I just under-counted by about 100! So I was sewing about 100 more than I thought! No wonder it was taking forever!

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Karlene, lol ..... I'm sure you'll find a use for them.

Looks like everyone has a plan......good! @:)

I plan to wash the backing fabric for the quilts today and maybe sew a little on the BOM blocks.


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Hi everyone!

It has been a crazy summer - LOTS & LOTS of rain - enough to drown my garden! but my flowers are spectacular!, then 100+ temps for over a month, yes we are melting. 2 summer college classes from HELL - taking my last final this morning, OH HAPPY DAY!

On a happy note - A couple of years ago I told a neighbor that I was going to wait for Grandchildren to get another horse. Well, Miss Haylie is now 3 month old and when the neighbor found out she GAVE me a registered Silver Maned Palomino mare! Sunny is 11, beautiful and the sweetest horse I have ever owned!

by [Wynative1](

My to do list:

Put row on Michelle's robin
Finish quilting and bind Wyoming Cowboy Baby quilt
Make a satchel for my sister's little dog. . .
Start Grandaughter's Christmas quilt - 3D pinwheels :D
Start Dr. Suess baby boy quilt
Make a 'coffee' purse for my baby sister

Now I am going to go take my test,
Have a great day,

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What a beautiful horse!

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Marie! Congrats on the horse, the final and the grandbaby!

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Wow! People just give away horses???? How very cool - and a beautiful, sweet horse! You are so busy - just think - those 2 classes are done!

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I have a cat (also beautiful and sweet!) I would be happy to give away if anyone wanted him. Beautiful flame point Siamese and very sweet with humans. But he beats the stuffing out of my other cats! I think he needs to be a single cat. Come to think of it, he's kind of Palomino colored!



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Thanks for admiring my girl :D

I would so love to give your kitty a home, if I only lived closer. . . My daughter only likes yellow kitty's with blue eyes and for what ever reason they are hard to find around here. Her Tigger passed away a couple of years ago :( We got him when he was 5 or 6 days old and spoiled him rotten! She was only 3 when we got him and she carried him around in a doll carrier - blankets, bottle, dress's and a pacifier! I need to find the pics of him sucking on the pacifier and holding his own bottle - they are priceless LOL


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No pets here but I do have a few goals.

On trip home to see mother last week, a friend with cancer begged me to finish the quilt she started for GD since she isn't sure she'll live long enough. Of course I said yes and brought home her 12" blocks to assemble with sashings, sandwich and quilt. Her quality will yield lots of points cut off but its the thought that counts. So, that will be my number one chore this month.

If I can squeeze it in, I have a project for our guild show I want to enter. That's due in Sept.

I also have two projects in the works for me and they can sit if necessary, a Hawaiian applique sampler and a Dresden plate made on foundations in quarters.

I am now a full fledged brakeman on our railroad so spend one day most weekends working trains. I wonder if there's a way to sew on a train. Hmmmmm.

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Marie, Your sunny is a beauty and your neighbor quite generous!

Kate, We would have taken your pretty Siamese but he wouldn't be a single here and Prissy is Queen and we wouldn't dare leave them alone. Hope you find a good home for him.

Mz TG, Congratz on your full-fledgedness. I know you have a great time with the trains. You'll make your friend very happy by finishing up the quilt for her GD. Puts a lot of things in perspective, eh?

Well, ladies, I have physically had a few painful days and it spilled over into my quilting. I'll be frogging a few blocks tonight (the pain has abated). But, most of the BOM blocks are completed and ok. @:)


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magothyrivergirl, that talk would be great to listen to. I'm always in awe when I see a quilt with the shadings like you described. I have so much trouble with mixing colors, but I'm learning!

wynative, that horse is beautiful. I've never seen a dark palomino like that. I would have guess she was a bay. We have a palomino in our herd, but she is considered a red dun because she has a dorsal stripe. She is a quarter horse and the great grand-daughter to the thoroughbred horse Three Bars (one of the founders of the quarter horse). She is very hot natured but sweet, too, even at 25 years old.

kate, my daughter would love your kitty!! Unfortunately, he probably wouldn't live long around our dogs.

TG, brakeman? you don't hear of that job much these days! I bet it's fun working on a train :-)!

Goals? I have some organizing to do in my sewing area and then I hope to get some sewing done! We're staying home this weekend (for a change!!), so I hope I can get something accomplished. I'd like to get the September BB done, the lotto block and finish 2 blocks of the quilt I'm working on for my grandmother.

School starts for the kids on Monday (where did the summer go??), and the next 2 weekends we are busy again. I can see that August is going to fly by, too......


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I have borders to put on two Dr. Seuss baby quilts and another baby quilt to make and then send them, plus the one I made last month, all to the LA quilter when she is up and running again. She moved her shop and won't have "Lucille" up and going again until after the 18th.

I attached 3 more dresden plates to squares the past two days while in the hospital with my Dad. He had surgery to remove a blockage in his carotid artery and is home now and doing great. I had people watching me in the surgery waiting lounge while I worked on them. Hopefully, I helped take their mind off their worries too like it does me! Only 4 more plates to go!


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My only goal is to get the jeans at least cut up!!!!!

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I got the center of DH's quilt top together and put 2 borders on, but I'm not happy with them so will probably redo them. I also got my Civil War block done yesterday! Maybe I'll accomplish more this month than I thought I would.

Next weekend we're cleaning closets and the garage, so probably not much sewing for me!


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The only thing I've done on my Aug Goals - order more fabric-ugh! Like I needed to list that as a Goal -lol
I haven't sewn / accomplished anything yet this month!

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Our 3-1/2 week exchange student arrived 7-31 and we take him to camp on the 14th-20th so not much sewing time until then. It's been tour guiding and lots of familly-time activities EVERYDAY!

1. Add the binding to a DP16 patch.
2. Pick at least 1 UFO to sandwich.
3. Decide whether to fly or drive to Camp Cheerio
4. Start thinking of what to take!!!
5. Keep checking in on GW


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Well, crumb! Thanks to Ms Robbi for posting about starting a Rainbow Jane and Kate for posting the Tropical Twist, I've not gotten any further with my August goals! I found my Dear Jane things, made 2 more blocks, have been playing with the Star Struck variation and have 9 - 16" blocks made. I probably should sew them together, set it aside and get started on those quilts that need to be sandwiched!


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Too bad, Sharon! :) At least you're sewing! We just found out the other day our bathroom demolition starts a week from Monday, so my time till then will be spent getting ready to have the house torn up, plus at least one more shopping trip to pick tile, stain, etc. The builder dropped off granite samples yesterday, so now we have a starting point.

It's going to be beautiful when it's done, and it's exciting now, but I'm guessing after 5 or 6 weeks of using our little bathroom and having dust everywhere, it will get a little old!


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Has everyone survived the Dog Days of Summer? Or aren't we there yet? lol

I haven't done a lot from my list but I've been sewing. The BOM and BOW's are all caught up now, I've been working on Uncle J's Tie Quilt (had to start sewing them on by machine, so will have to go back over the first half and do them the same way), put some flowery squares together with an hourglass for a top and have the sandwich fixin's ready for the Crumby D9P.

I want to get some redwork patterns/supplies together and give it a go. I must have shipped all my embroidery hoops somewhere as I cannot find anything except the thread! I probably figured that part of my life was over and sent them to the thrift store......go figure!

Have a good day everyone. Any of you in the way of Irene, either evacuate or hunker down!


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I can't believe it's the end of August! It's been a busy month!
- I completed 3 lotto blocks this month! Woo HOO! If I win I'll use it for a Quilts of Valor. (fingers crossed!)
- I almost finished quilting the tavern signs quilt, but once I set it aside it's been hard to pick up again. Not sure why because it's very close to done.
- The shop hop was a blast and I bought WAY too many batiks and a couple jelly rolls. I'll have to make 4 more quilts to use up just the batiks. But they were so PRETTY!
- I haven't been brave enough to start on the backpack but I gave the vinyl fabric a try by making a large tote bag. I'll post picture of that in a separate thread. It's cute!
- I used a jelly roll purchased during the shop hop to make a simple dorm quilt for a niece heading off to college. The top is done and I'm working on the back.
- I have done the planning and a bit of the cutting for a dorm quilt for a nephew heading off to college - 9 Patch Pizzazz. Nothing sewn on this one yet.
- I finally got DH to put a light kit on the fan in the sewing room: I can see when I'm cutting out fabric! It's amazing! Now I can see how messy the room is though so I've got to get this place cleaned up.

On to September...

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Irene - she is thinking about a visit here! An earthquake & a hurricane in the same week! We have to prepare for Irene and hope she skips us. A lot of work.

My goals completed to date:
Finished the backing for the 9 Patch Pizzazz - I need to spend less time on making the backs!
I've been practicing quilting a crab motif for the 9PP - I could have quilted the darn thing by now!
I've made 5 Snow globe blocks - they are soooo cute ~ if I do say so myself :)
I also made a sample block for a workshop I am taking early Sept. Need to quilt it.

I don't know how much I'll get done - this is a very disruptive routine getting ready for these storms.

Going to buy gas for the generator - the weather is looking bad already.

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Well, I finished hubby's quilt top Monday morning! Woohoo! Yesterday I made the backing for it and for another top ready to be quilted.

Life is nuts right now...master bath remodeling just started on Tuesday. I took a few days off work to be home when they got started so now am back to a mountain of work to catch up on. Plus DH's elderly aunt passed away Monday and we are waiting to hear when the service is for her. Then we leave on our cruise 3 weeks from Sunday!

I signed up for a QU class starting Sept. 23 (before we get back from the cruise) so I'll need to get my supplies together for that before we leave. I'm thinking I won't set any Sept. goals except to enjoy our vacation and watch the new bathroom take shape!


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I didn't start out with any goals this month but wound up continuing some FM quilting on a quilt I hadn't touched in about 3 months. Then this past weekend I was hit head-on and might have a broken hand - (waiting on doctor to look at x-rays), so even if it isn't broken it's still very painful - too painful to push a heavy quilt around that is. Ironic how when something prevents me from doing something that's when I am craving to do it the most!

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I'm so sorry, Rita. Having an injured hand is just the worst because it affects all you do. I hope you recover soon.

I didn't think I'd get any quilting done this month. I've dumped old things, taken loads of furniture to thrift stores, torn out stuff, replaced light fixtures and painted following the death of uncle. The paperwork has been daunting. Thank God for lawyers and accountants. Just looking at a sewing machine was rare.

But, my best quilting friends took me to a fabric store and I'm finally waking up to what was important to me before all this happened. I actually put a border on a wallhanging last night and am preparing to quilt it. So, I might get something done after all.

I'm also finishing the last of 4 redwork blocks hoping to have them ready to assemble at retreat. Just gathering stuff for retreat has gotten the juices flowing again. I think I will survive this. Can't believe it's almost September.

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Wow - everyone is so busy and it is sooo hot!

I have only finished putting the row on Michelle's robin quilt and I finished quilting and bind Wyoming Cowboy Baby quilt. But I did make another entire quilt in 44 hours, make a purse for my cousin, make 12 blocks for a quilt to donate to my daughters school (or someone) and make two crazy quilt blocks for another group I am in.

Rebecca - Please post pictures of your Dr. Suess quilts. I need idea's on what to do with my fabric :) and I always enjoy seeing what other people accomplish - keeps me motivated LOL

Going to be a pretty busy weekend as I start fall classes on Tues. but I think I am ready for Fall :)

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Oh, I'm sorry. Was I shouting?
I'm just so excited that I actually finished the Tavern Signs quilt last night - before the end of the month! I finished the quilting, put on the binding (machine in front, by hand on the back), and even made 2 pillowcases with left over fabric. Done, done, and DONE! It was about 2am when I finished and I am bleary-eyed at work today, but it was worth it.


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Congratulations, Kate. It's a good feeling to finally finish something. I might make it but don't place bets on it.

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and you failed to post a picture ...... as this is my only form of entertainment :)

I am so proud of you Kate!

My new goal is to have electricity by the end of the month!
Are you sick of hearing me whine???
I just asked DH if he thought I could plug in the sewing machine to the generator. He said unplug the freezer - then I asked -how about the iron - just for about 10 minutes????
I won't tell you what he said :)

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August has been a stressful and hot month for me. Sounds like for many of us. I sort of withdraw when I get stressed so I have been forcing myself to do something quilty and then I start to relax and my attitude gets much more positive.
Marsha you had the bad winter weather and now this, hang in there!
Looking forward to seeing all of the pics!!!

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Pics will be in a separate post!

For Marsha and everyone who has had to deal with the extreme weather this year: whining is allowed and even encouraged! The only way to stay sane is to share.

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For a month where I didn't think I would get much sewing done, I did much better than I thought.
1. Add the binding to a DP16 patch - DONE &pic posted
2. Pick at least 1 UFO to sandwich - DONE & quilted! pic posted
3. Decide whether to fly or drive to Camp Cheerio - FLYING, ticket bought, hotel booked.
4. Start thinking of what to take - trying to work on pattern & it is not coming out correctly.
5. ALSO - finished 3 lotto blocks
6. Finished 2 birthday blocks & mailed (for Sept.)
7. Have most of my retreat "goodies" finished


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I did not finish my goals for this month - I did get 8 snow globes sewn -although the base on 3 still needs to be stitched - it is only fused.

My major goal was to get power back on by the end of the month -not!!!

I sure hope I don't have to list "get electricity" as a Sept goal -

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You all put me to shame!!! I didn't get a lot of my list accomplished, but the Crumby D9P is ready to quilt, a Wintery 9-Patch Pizzazz is ready for the blocks to be sewn together, the BOM and BOW's are caught up.

September is here and there are red leaves at my sister's in MN.

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