LOOKING for: Info: Will This Work in a 9x13' Pan?

suziequeDecember 27, 2007

Hi - this recipe for a carrot cake at epicurious.com sounds wonderful, but I don't want to mess with 3 layers (or even 2).

Do you think that it would be ok if I use a 9x13" pan? Here's the recipe:

Here is a link that might be useful: Epicurious Carrot Cake

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Funny you should ask....

This is my favorite carrot cake recipes (so far, but I haven't tried some of the versions posted recently) I've made it a few times, once as a half-sheet cake for a party at work and it turned out great, although I did two layers.

I think the best part is the icing, and eliminating layers is eliminating icing, but that's just my preference.

You should be fine, jut keep and eye on it bake for a little longer. I don't think you have to reduce the temp because it's low to begin with, but perhaps someone else may have better insight...I don't remember what I did but it turned out great.


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Thanks so much, cookingrvc. It's great to hear that it's your favorite. Hmmm....now I'm in a quandary - this one, Marilyn's, Lindac's ...so many carrot cakes, so little time!


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