Cute Video about Men Quilting

wanda_vaAugust 14, 2014

This is a cute video about men in "Quilting Anonymous".

Here is a link that might be useful: Quilting Anonymous for Men

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Pretty cute. I love the bobbin in Tyler's beard.

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Pretty funny! While DH doesn't quilt, he thinks he is pretty funny about tossing around quilting terms in conversations with other people - things like do you buy fat quarters or how is your free motion quilting? Men ...


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Pretty funny. We asked "Mr. Quilt" Don Linn, who taught the class Wednesday, what his wife did and he said she plays golf!

While she's gone he quilts and does metal sculpture.

If my husband would take up quilting maybe we could whittle down my stash before I reach 100!

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I keep telling my DH that I would be glad to teach him, in case he needs an indoor hobby some day. He just looks at me funny. But then again, have you ever really paid attention to the way real men do things?? Do you really want them in your sanctuary of peace and tranquility? Have you not noticed that when a man goes into the kitchen (or anywhere else for that matter) that there are knockings and bangings and droppings and clatterings the whole time?? They cannot place an object down, they have to BLAM it down. And if they make a mess or crumbs, there it stays. I cannot imagine what my sewing room would look like after he got done with it.

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