RECIPE: Anyone making Pastelles this Christmas???

amandapanda920December 6, 2008

I am Puerto Rican and traditionally we make pastelles every Christmas if No one has had them yet, You should definitely try them, theyre good! Im excited to get started making them, my husband and I make them together plus i have fresh banana leaves from my trees and fresh caribbean herbs (everyone who loves hispanic/caribbean food should have, im telling you :) anyway good luck to all who are preparing traditional meals that take a process and helping hands! Happy holidays everyone!

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Ive never heard of Pastelles. Can you post a recipe?



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Sorry Alexa, this is the ONE recipe that I am forbidden to share but there are ALOT of great recipes for pasteles all over the web, I apologize for that! I do have some great callaloo and crab recipes though lol. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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I am a big fan of Puerto Rican food...My 3 Hispanic girlfriends can cook with the best (there recipes have been passed down from there grandmothers). I'm in love with all the recipes I have tried from Daisy Martinez cookbook...Her yellow rice made with Achiote Oil & Alraccpardo Olives is to die for and so is her fresh Sofrito recipe! I make a pretty mean Puerto Rican pork shoulder.

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Puerto Rican Pastilles are little balls of "candy" made from variously sugar and condensed milk or mikl and powdered milk or butter and powdered milk and sugar and sometimes with fruit added.
I think what most people do is mix the ingredients with powdered sugar until you can knead it and then make in to little candy balls....pastilles.
Linda C

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They're meat-filled & rolled in banana leaves.

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To Ginger:Thats right :) Sometimes Pastelles are also spelled "Pasteles", but this recipe is for the savory root vegetable,green banana and pork filled little "parcels" wrapped in banana leaf or just parchment paper and string. Theyre wonderful and a beloved tradition! To Eileen: You go girl!

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What crab recipes do you have to share? A Carribean flare to a in between Xmas/New Year Party at my brothers house would be nice.

I think, historically, every culture has a different version of the portable meat pies. For me, being of English decent we call them Pasties.
No nanner leaves here in PA, but I will ask the Puerto Rican family I know if they make them, see if can snag one, lol.

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