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betowersDecember 26, 2008

if a recipe calls for cumin is there anything else i can use if so would you share


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Nothing tastes like cumin...
Leave it out...or go buy some.
Linda C

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I would leave it out as well. Don't know what you are making, but if there is chili powder in the recipe you'll be just fine. If you have some coriander, you could use it as a susbitute.

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Would you mind letting us know what you plan to make? It may be helpful in determining whether it can be left out or not. Cumin gives a special flavor to certain southwestern dishes and I don't think there is a substitute. As others said, either leave it out, or you may have to purchase some. You can buy very small amounts if you don't use it often. I always have a large amount on hand because I make my own taco seasoning.

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Cumin is a pretty distinctive flavor, and it's worth buying a jar of the stuff. I love cumin on just about any kind of chicken, so I can easily use it up. Just about any time I grill or roast chicken, I involve cumin. I love the stuff.

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