Breville convection t oven vs microwave???

homeimprovementmomApril 23, 2013

What are your thoughts about having one or the other?

You can broil with the Breville, you can cook and don't have to vent. but does it heat up quickly?

If you have both, which do you use more and for what kind of cooking?

I read that you have vent the convection microwaves - I can't do that. But will I miss a microwave if I replace it with the Breville convection ? or if you use a different brand other than Breville - do tell! it's the only one I hear people speak about.

Thank you!

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Don't have a Breville but have had a DeLonghi convection oven for >10 years. It is very handy but it does not replace MW for heating food FAST. Like with any oven, you'd have to wait till it gets hot enough and then some.

That being said, I am trying to eliminate MW all together. Placing food on an (magnetic) SS plate on my induction cooktop works (almost?) as fast our MW and it healthier, I presume. For baked goods, I hope that the steam-oven would do the trick (though it won't be as fast as a MW, of course).

ETA: I never cook in a MW, we use it only for warming the food and, sometimes, defrosting.

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I have the Breville and love it but still use my MW a lot.

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I also have the Breville and a microwave, and use them both daily. They serve different purposes.

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I haven't used a microwave in 10 years and don't miss it. We don't eat a lot of prepared or frozen foods. We use an electric kettle to boil water. We bought the Breville for our remodel last June and it handled all our meals for three weeks. We were tempted to save money and buy the compact oven, but we went with the large one, and I've been able to cook everything in it that I've wanted to, so it is like a second oven. You won't get the same broil power as you would with your full-sized oven though.

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I also have the DeLonghi - it was a lifesaver during reno.
It lives in our pantry and I use it for quick appetizers, reheat of items, etc but use the speed oven more than my old friend DeLonghi. (Eleena - I thought I must be the only person with one of these gems - I will have to try my induction for reheating items as well)
Bottom line - it doesn't replace a MW or speed oven but is handy to have.

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We have the Breville full-sized convection oven, and have happily used it as our only oven for 19 months. (Yes, the kitchen reno is taking longer than expected.) We don't use a MW. Anything we need to reheat or melt, we can do in the oven or on the Waring two-burner range/hotplate. We can get a full 13x9 casserole (without handles) in the oven, and we bake, roast, broil and/or re-heat in it almost every day. Personally, I just don't like MW-steamed food; I prefer the dry heat of an oven. The only time we had a MW was when my elderly father stayed with us for an extended time, and he bought one because his daily routine involved re-heating my press pot coffee. I hated losing the counter space, and we sent the MW home with Dad. I've never had a toaster/convection oven other than the Breville that both bakes AND toasts well. My partner (who was skeptical of the price) now wants to buy a couple of them to store in the basement in case this one breaks and they stop making them. (He's like that with pants, too!)

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Oh, and re. heating times and venting: The Breville pre-heats far quicker than an oven, within 2-3 minutes. I just turn it on as I'm prepping (or unwrapping leftovers or whatever), and it's good to go as soon as I put the food in. I'm sure it doesn't heat food as quickly as a MW, but I'm willing to wait 10 minutes for re-heated food. (Fully cooking roasted veggies takes 20+ min or so, about the same time as a full-sized convection oven but with far less energy.) The model I have vents out the left side, and you need at least a couple of inches between the oven and a wall. You can't enclose it as tightly as a built-in MW -- it needs air circulation, and there is hot, moist air that comes out the vent, so I would think if it's in a tighter space, it would be best to have up against tile or other non-painted, non-warping, non-flammable material.

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