Whose Kitchen is This? - Question about window sizing

shmealApril 27, 2012

My sincerest apologies. Usually when I snag a picture from GW I save it with the username but in this instance it must have slipped my mind (I probably did it in the middle of the night when I was too wired to sleep, but too tired to think coherently).

I love this kitchen and am using this window wall as inspiration for my own kitchen (actually, on closer look both perimeter walls are almost identical to the layout we ended up going with).

I'm wondering how tall the space between the sink/countertop and the bottom of the window casing is? Also how wide is the wall space between the window casings on the side and the wall cabinets?

Thanks for any help you can share.

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Isn't this Breezygirl's lovely new kitchen?

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Can anyone link me to the finished photos of this, I am interested in how the window looks next to the hood, we have a problem with our kitchen being a bit darker than anticipated and an idea my DH threw out last night was a window to the right of the hood. I had never seen it done

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Yes, it is Breezygirl's beautiful kitchen. She is still around so post a question directly to her and she will probably be happy to respond. She's got two little ones though so post later at night. She is always on the west coast.

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My first thought was that this is Breezygirl's kitchen, but since I didn't have it saved that way specifically I was not brave enough to post it as such, in case I remembered wrong.

Any ideas about window dimensions on the wall?

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Thanks, NewSouthernBelle. I guess I was posting the same time you were. I will repost later directly to her. I appreciate the advice about timing - that is helpful considering how fast this board moves.

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That kitchen looks awfully familiar. Hey, it's mine! ;) It's utterly odd to see other people save pictures of my kitchen. I post enough of them on various threads that I guess it's to be expected, but still it's strange that something *I* did is worth another admiring it.

Can I measure those areas for you tomorrow and let you know? It's the end of a rough, life-changing week, and I need to try to sleep tonight.

I found a link to my kitchen for Ratrem. We're far from completion, although I have added barstools since I took those pics. Ratrem, if you have questions, could you please post them on that thread? That's the only way to ensure that I'll see them. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: My not-done kitchen

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Sorry for the delay in responding.

Here's a shot of the outlet area I took for Aloha when she was placing her outlets.

From the marble to the underside of the sill measures 5.75". When I ordered the windows, I hadn't decided on trim and thought the trim would run under the sill so I left a larger space than I needed to for the outlets. If I had known you don't put the trim under the sill, I would have ordered a slightly taller window.

The space between the window trim and the hutch cab to the right of the sink (shown in the above pic) is 6.5". The spacing to the left of the window trim and upper in the corner is only 6".

Ratrem--Here's a pic straight on showing the windows flanking the range. (What on earth am I going to do for a bs??!)

Hope that helps. Let me know if I missed something you wanted to know.

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Thanks so much. I do not think I have as much room as you next to the range hood. Looks great here. I think you should do a tile up the ceiling that would look great.

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You're welcome, Ratrem. I really wanted to squeeze at least one window in there. I had originally planned one slightly larger with more uppers, but my GW friends suggested and convinced me to go smaller and flank the hood. Thank goodness for this place!

I do plan to tile that whole wall Eurosplash style.

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Breezy-I can't see anywhere that you've posted your window dimension. Could I trouble you to do that for me - no hurry. Not ordering today or next year even but trying to plan the upper space for when we build.

Add me to the list of people that have your kitchen 'clipped'...beautiful space and cute furry friends - can it get any better? :)


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Ack - wasn't really clear. The windows that flank the cooktop. That will be out only space to put windows plus I think it really looks sharp.

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Oh, gosh..Autumn! I'm so sorry I didn't see your question in November!! In case you're still around, the windows flanking the rangetop are 24" wide, but by the time framing, drywall, molding, etc happens that measurement is down to about 22".

I was worried about them being too small when I was planning, but I'm so glad to have them. The light and aesthetic they provide are invaluable to me.

Algolgies again for the delay in responding!

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