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chispaJune 27, 2013

The ID I have used recently charges an hourly rate and then a 20% markup on the "wholesale" price of furniture, fabrics, etc., stating that the price will never be higher than retail.

When I did a construction project my GC was cost plus and I was shown the invoices and he then added his fees. Would you expect an ID to show you the invoice? Without it there is no way for me to know that I am getting the best price and one that matches the agreed to contract.

I seem to always pay retail, which would mean that the discount to IDs is always 20%. Any insight into what the discounts are for designers at a large Design Center with fabrics from Kravet, Schumacher, etc.

My other issue is that the ID does not itemize the hourly bills. I enjoy working with the ID, but feel like there is too much smoke and mirrors built into the billing and I don't have any way to reconcile the bills or be able to check for errors.

If you've worked with an ID, how did they bill you?

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You might want to put your question in the "search" tab. This forum has discussed this issue many times. Bottom line where IDs are concerned BUYER BEWARE!!

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I would expect an itemized invoice and copies of invoices. If there's nothing to hide, then she will provide, although she might charge you for the time it takes her to put the package together.

imo, in order to run a smooth business and keep clients separate, it should be done already. Excel spreadsheet (once set up) will do the adding for her. Of course she has to have the discipline to actually do it.

Some insurance companies ask for copies of invoices/tickets when you file a claim. It could be brought to her attention this way - you need them for your files.

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Our interior designer is very open about billing. I would just ask. Discounts vary: Oly studio 40% Lee industries 25%, Mitchell gold - 10%.

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Good point about the insurance. I have receipts for most large items I have bought in the past, even scanned most of them when we relocated overseas for a few years.

I guess part of my problem is that we live in the same town and belong to some of the same community groups. I'll finish my current project with the ID and then bring this up as the reason why I won't continue for the 3 projects I planned to tackle next.

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I would hope that anyone doing hourly billing would be totally honest...lots of room for padding here.

I spent a nice chunk of change for a 2 hour consultation...I wanted a gameplan for my main living area, except kitchen. Colors, furniture placement, etc..Almost the entire time was spent with her showing me products on her laptop and we didn't even discuss the FR. I was so disappointed I did not continue with her...even though she is sort of well known in my area. Next time I am just going to utilize the designers at reputable furniture stores.

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I have only worked with ID from store where I purchased most of my furniture. I had to give a $1000 in order to have her help me....and after the first $5000 spent, the $1000 is refunded. She has also helped me with paint colors, and will give helpful hints about accessories, even though I didn't purchase that through her store. Its a pleasure not to pay her hourly fees!!!

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