QofTD 08/11/11

magothyrivergirlAugust 11, 2011

Have you stumbled across any 'new to you' sites, shops, You Tubes, blogs, etc you found inspirational or you just simple said "WOW!"

I just found this one: (link below)


Take some time and read the entire site. She has taken scrappy to a whole new level. She post pics of her Today's Work. It isn't really a Blog --her tops are for sale --

(I am not associated with her in any way)

Many, many quilt tops to look at for inspiration.

What have you found that is interesting, inspirational or just Quilty Eye Candy?

Here is a link that might be useful: Linda Rotz Miller

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I just posted to Robbi about a Dear Jane group on Facebook I came across this morning. Since I made another block yesterday (makes a whopping 13 now), I thought it was a timely find.


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Really interesting web site. Thanks for sharing it.

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I've enjoyed the Missouri Star Quilt Co. videos over this last year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Missouri Star Quilt Co.

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Thank you Sharon!! I will check out this site. That will be a good thing to help keep me on track, I hope :-). If my kids don't quit joining things, I won't have time to do much of anything! At least while they are at their practices, I can do hand work.

I haven't come across any new sites lately, but I love checking out what you guys have found.


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