Glue basting / binding

littlehelen_gwAugust 10, 2013

I was surfing quilting sites as I'm prone to do late at night and came across Pile o Fabric. Interesting site, but what caught my attention was glue basting pieces and particularly setting your binding with elmer's school glue before sewing. Has anyone tried this technique? is the site...I'm a bit challenge with linking the site to this message...but trying again

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I always use this technique for binding.

You lay a small, continuous bead of glue down on the very edge of the quilt and lay the binding on it as if you were going to pin it in place. Then you press the binding to the quilt before you machine stitch it on. You don't get the stretching or puckering you can get and the borders aren't wavy. It seems to keep everything flatter. This is the Sharon Schamber technique she teaches.

You have to use a tiny bead of glue and it needs to be the Elmers school glue. It washes out and seems harmless to the fabric. Try it.

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Aha! The gal doing the tutorial on is Christy Fincher, the daughter of Sharon Schamber.

I've not used this technique but might try it on something small to get the hang of it. As far as glue basting to get perfect points, I'm not sure what that's about. If I'm having trouble getting points to match perfectly (and if it matters just how unperfect they are), I'll sew that area first, by hand. Needle in the point of one side, needle in the point on the other side and draw them together making sure they are 'perfect' then take a few stitches on both sides of the point, to hold it in place. Maybe that's where the glue would come to the initial stitch?

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Here is a link that might be useful: tutorial

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thanks all

Toolgranny...if you've had success with binding and glue...I will definitely give this a try.

Sharon, I'm with you as far as piecing. Gluing seems to be an extra step...although it might be advantageous if you were doing the small postage stamp quilt block, like the one Vicky posted the other day. I can see this working for something really small, but I doubt I'll be doing anything that small in the near future. worth considering though for perfection.

thanks for the tute link....
I'm great w/ MSoffice at work...but don't get mixed in the web linky stuff LOL :-)

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I use her technique for bindings and applique and have never had a problem.

I read about using glue for basting and haven't had much success with that one.

I use it for basting on small (baby) quilts and I'm not sure if it's any faster than pinning. When I tried it on a lap size I wasn't happy with it at all.

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