Crystal Encore cabinet pricing - does this sound right?

MadsMamaApril 24, 2013

We are finally getting ready to order cabinets and have decided on Crystal Encore (frameless, full overlay semi-custom). Our KD has not been super transparent about pricing; she says we're getting the "best" discount we can, but hasn't given specifics. Wanted to throw the question out to those who are familiar with the line - based upon our cabinet requirements, do you think around $33K seems "reasonable?" We are doing a painted finish with the exception of a "hutch" unit that will be cherry (there is a current promo for a free upgrade to cherry).

Would really appreciate any thoughts on this - if it makes a difference (which I am sure it does!), we are in the Bay Area (CA).

Thanks very much!


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We recently installed crystal. ... A mix of Keyline and their normal lines. They allow you to mix and match, which brings down the cost. We have inset painted maple with a cherry island. The layout is very similar in size to yours (longer in the other dimension) but without the fridge wall and only one row of cabinets on the island. Your uppers are also taller. Total cost without install was 40% less, in NorCal. This includes all upgraded finish details like crowns and valance bottoms, legs, rollouts, soft close, wood boxes, etc. This was before the 2013 price increase and the expiration of the sales promotions, which all occurred in January. I know this, as we are now sizing out cabinetry for our Family Room. All in all, you are in the neighborhood, I would say.

My sense of the pricey items in the line....
* Unusual shapes and sizes
* Wainscoat, Panels, Legs and Feet
* Extra depth
* Certain door styles.
* Glazes on paint add up.

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For a medium-sized, with island, Northern California kitchen in cherry (no voc,) slab with natural finish, I was quoted @30+K. I'm sorry I don't remember which line it was, just Crystal. (Did it have a "Q" in the name?) I was fortunate to find a custom guy who did it for a lot less.

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I have not made a decision yet. But of all the local KDs I've met with so far, I like the Crystal dealer best. I had never heard of Crystal before this board and only sought them out because someone complimented their painted finish. I found their quote to be pretty reasonable- less than yours but my kitchen is tee tiny. And I found the KD to be pretty straightforward about the pricing. Your KD may not be able to give you any more of a discount but might be able to suggest ways to cut costs, particularly if you have any unusual sizes. Looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen!

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Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

Gooster - I think you're absolutely right about the "extras" that add up - we do have some unusual sizes, end panels, etc. The hutch is a serious chunk of the total cost.

sjerin - guessing the line you were quoted was Quest - that would be even more than the line we're using as it is inset.

belle_va - I really love the finish on the Crystal cabs, too - and the KD has been great to work with. We will be ordering next week, so I'll definitely post pics after we're done with the reno. Good luck with your decision!

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