Four More Botanical Prints Arrived and Are Up over Daybeds (photo

kswl2June 20, 2014

There was a wonderful surprise waiting for me this evening, four of the nine additional botanical charts I ordered were already here! I hung this lot over the daybeds in the front room and am beyond thrilled with the vivid colors and their perfect size for this room!

I am really happy with the appearance and the more casual vibe these give the rooms. Cannot wait to get the final 5 more that are back ordered!

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Gorgeous! I love that room.


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Your right, they do give a more casual vibe and that extra oomph to the room.

Do you mind sharing where you go the prints?

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I love them, and love what they do for the room. Great choice. (Can't help notice too that they go so well with your gingham carpet)

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Thank you! Mlweaving, I think all those greens look great together as well. It's hard to go wrong with a palette of greens, that's one of the reasons I love the color. (Btw! did you ever receive my email?)

Daisy, I saw these charts on a decor blog and the designer gave her source as The Evolution Store. When I searched for them on the internet, hoping to find a local shop (well, Atlanta, not actually local) where I could see them in person, I found they were available at Empirical Style in Australia for a much better price, even including the shipping. Empirical has wonderful,customer service; one of the prints arrived with a defect and I emailed them a pictire and they sent a replacement out immediately without requiring return of the other. In fact, Steve at Empirical suggested I cut it up and make smaller prints of it, and I may do that for the bathroom. The first four prints were from Empirical Style, then I bought four from Evolution as the Australian store was closed for three weeks while they moved their base of operations from one city to another. The final five have been ordered from Empirical Style in Aus as they are back up and fully operational again. Theirs come by mail and it takes about ten r twelve business days. Not a bad wait for a 25%+ discount over the other place.

Thank you Linda and WMA! The ceiling in this room is so high, the room was just waiting for these as the finishing touch :-)

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Good gosh, how I love these! Question: Did you have something like this already in mind when you found them on the decor blog? I'm trying to figure out art for my living room now and the process of thinking through stuff I have v. stuff I like v. stuff I can afford plus size and color ... it's overwhelming!

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Your room is beautiful. I love your decorating style. I would be happy to clone your furnishings and decorations for my own house. . .
Are your daybeds the PB Stratton? Do yo think they would be comfortable for children to use overnight on occasion? I love the look, but not the price.

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I really like these and it does give a look of pure completion to the room. They are just right for your area.

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Ncangie these are the Stratton daybeds from Pottery Barn. I purchased them last summer when the furniture was 20% off ???it was much less than a custom piece which was my first choice. We actually bought these because while we don't need any more bedrooms, we occasionally need more beds, iykwim. We going to store linens in the baskets underneath the beds and will turn the cushions regularly. And in my experience, young people will gladly sleep on anything! (Except my daughter, since birth she has been.....perhaps you have read the story about her, the Princess and the Pea?)

The excellent quality of the daybeds surprised me--- I don't know why, but I was not expecting the heft and nice finish, so we are very happy with these.

Edeevee, I did think of these prints for this specific area and emailed a link to our interior designer to look. He was not wowed, but I was, so I ordered four and when ID came down for the installation he LOVED them. We've bought almost the entire series---13 charts with a black background---and are using nothing else in the walls except majolica and some framed German and English vintage natural history textbook covers. Once we decided to use the botanicals all the way round the whole space, we had the natiral history focus that led us to the other accessories. I do love it!

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Lovely, just lovely.

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So, so, so pretty! What a wonderful room!

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Yesterday I also found the perfect old blue and taupe rug to go in the blue bedroom after wood floors are installed, and the rug cleaning guy said the Portugese needlepoint rug that was water damaged in storage can be cleaned up so I can use it in the pink and green bedroom! This has been "decor score" week for me! Happy dance!

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Those are perfect! You have such a beautiful home :)

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A really very nice room. A perfect example of how adding something black to a room can really affect the overall appearance.& add contrast to the room. Nicely done.

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Thanks beverly, I was a tiny bit worried they would be too much with the black doors but they all seem to help each other. I too am a huge proponent of a little black in every room.

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All I can say is WOW! You really pulled the whole space together so well with these colorful botanical prints, the majolica, the natural history covers and proves that it is all in the details! Not to mention that the whole project is spectacular! Although I came into your story late in the game...loved watching it all evolve! Thank you for sharing!

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You just keep making that space more and more wonderful with each new addition!!!

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Another moment of:


Wonderful charming and welcoming space! :) Should be in a magazine!!! :)

Amazing artworks -- just LOVE the idea that those botanicals come from a shop in Australia .... soooooooo COOL!!!

Is it time to pop the champagne yet????? Just teasing! :)

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Thanks for the ordering info. I love your story of finding it in Australia - shopping can be a really fun experience when it goes right.

So, do you spend anytime anywhere else in your house these days? I'd never want to leave that beautiful space.

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Holly- Kay

Oh my KSWL, how gorgeous. The black really adds such a lovely touch and I am a sucker for botanicals!

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Love it, balanced and pretty!

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The best part of this project completion has been DH's reaction. The basement furnishings are more transitional / modern feeling and more masculine. He came into the area and sat down on a sofa, looked around and said, "This is REALLY nice." He looked carefully at everything, sat in all the chairs and sofas and claimed a sofa for his own. From a man of few words, this was high praise!

After the final botanical charts and pieces of majolica are up I am finished with this space in terms of accessories, we are going to take the light off the fan (wasn't supposed to be there) and finish up the bathroom, but essentially the living spaces are complete. That is a great feeling, to know there's nothing more to shop for, especially since my initial thought was that the charts would be placeholders for "real" art (paintings). I am so glad we made the decision to do the whole space with those prints and I don't need to to change any of it in the future unless I just want to.

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Sublime! You should send pics to the botanical print place...I'm sure they would be thrilled to see how wonderful they look in your spaces.

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