QofTD 08/14/12 Which Machine?

magothyrivergirlAugust 14, 2012

Many of us have multiple sewing machines. Assuming good tension-a straight stitch is a straight stitch :)

What makes you choose to sew on one machine, such as Featherweight, over one of your other machines?

For me, I forced myself to sew for one year on the new Pfaff to learn how it worked and generally bond with it. It has features I still forget to use, and using the reverse/backstitch for just a few stitches is still baffling -it's the operator. I use that machine as my primary machine. I pull out the Featherweight occasionally when I have easy piecing just to keep the old gal moving. If I had room to have more than one machine set up all the time, I would definitely use it more.

Just like using the same ruler thru out the project, I want to use the same machine within the same areas of the quilt for consistency.

What makes you choose which machine on any given day or project?

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I also have 2 machines. One is designed more for quilting (Brother PQ-1500s), but I tend to use my embroidery machine (Brother Duetta 4500d) only because I can change my settings with the push of a button. It is habit mostly because they are both wonderful machines. The quilting machine is the only one that will free motion, so it does have it's specialty.


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My "go to" machine is my Husqvarna Viking Quilt Designer. Like you, I like to use the same machine for each quilt. I used two machines when I made blocks for the second DWR and had to do lots of resewing due to the difference in the seam width.
The reason I love my Viking is the sensor foot lift. I sometimes forget to lower the foot when using another machine because the Viking does it automatically.
Linda OH

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I use my Pfaff for all my quilting and piecing projects. I have an old singer I use for mending and stitching stuff for my hubby. I like the features on the Pfaff and have had it for about 3 years. I guess being familiar with the machine makes the sewing some much easier.

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Like Linda, my main machine is my Viking Quilt Designer - gotta love that sensor foot lift. Sometimes on retreat or in a class, I'll catch someone watching me sew with this look of amazement on their face!

Since the Viking was in the shop for a few weeks waiting on a part, I used my FW to sew the smocks for my customer. It takes a little while to adjust to the "non-techiness" of the Featherweight, but after that, it is such a pleasure to sew on these smaller, very basic machines - and mine sure did the job for me with the smocks. For top stitching, you can't beat the very, very straight stitch of the FW. I have two other older model Singers, but they don't sew nearly as smooth or efficient as the FW. I called on my serger to finish off the seams for all 3 smocks.


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I love my Janome 6600P for most things. I use the FW for classes because it is light and accurate. The Bernina, I wrestle with constanly and it is no fun. It is used as a guilt complex for paying so much for a lemon.

Janome is set up ALL the time. Others are just when I need them. I can do anything on the Janome...piece, FM quilting, jean repairs, etc

Life is Good!

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For sit down sewing I use my Brother sewing/embroidery machine almost exclusively. I have a smaller Brother machine that I got to take to classes and such which I also use when "Big" Brother is in the shop.

I have a Juki on my quilting frame and it is only used on the frame. It does a fantastic straight stitch (much better than either Brother), but I got it for quilting on the frame and there are too many settings to change to use it for "normal" sewing then change back for FMQ.


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Always managed with one until now. I really love my Pfaff, but wanted more room for larger quilts for free motion.

For now I'm using the new Babylock Jane exclusively to learn it's features. The silliest thing is it makes me giggle every time I push the button and it cuts the thread for me. When I first bought the Pfaff years ago my favorite thing beside the dual feed was the needle down push button!

Both machines work great. I'll carry the Pfaff for classes, it's lighter. Speaking of which, the little led light he gave me when I bought the Jane is amazing! It really lights up the throat area.

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I love my Janome and use it for everything. I have a simple Kenmore that I don't have room to set up and leave out.

My Brother embroidery machine stays out. Some day I plan to rearrange my room and find a place to put the Kenmore.

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I don't do a lot of fancy stitching, machine embroidery, or until lately much of any machine quilting. I prefer the older, heavy all metal machines and I think my mother's mid-50s Necchi is my fav of all time. I need to get some electricals taken care of to go back to using it, but when I do it'll be the machine of choice. I have a very modestly priced (compared to most of your machines) new Singer heavy duty and it chews through the heavy stuff like butter, and is an extremely fast machine. However, it has a very touchy bobbin. I have a little basic back-up Brother I use for mending and is very easy for patchwork. I still prefer treadles, but the one I use is a long bobbin and doesn't hold a lot of thread. I need to scope out a newer (maybe twenties or thirties) treadle machine and if I come on one, imagine it'll be used for everything.

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I have an old portable Singer that I've had for over 20 years; when a friend comes to sew, it may get pull out of the closet.I will say it has been dependable, but not much flexibility. I purchased a Bernina 220 or 230 about 2 1/2 years ago and hated it...it would not keep a consistent tension. I was going to sell it, but traded it for an upgraded Bernina, the Aurora 440QE back in March of this year and love it! I was skeptical about getting another Bernina, but now that I have it...I'm a happy quilter again and taking some time to learn FMQ!

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Of the 4 machines I have that are useable I have 2 set to sew but I use the BabyLock Espire for most of my sewing because of a few features that are helpful; push button thread cutter, easier auto threader, and the pivit feature that automatically lifts the presser foot. That said, I still feel that the Janome is the better machine and sews a better stitch.
If it weren't so inconvient I would use my serger more often but I really don't have the room to have it freely available. I do like it for it's speed and consistent seam.
I have a FW that I seldom use but does sew well and make for a good backup machine.
I would love to get a new Jamome 7700 then I would have the best of "2 worlds".

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I just have a Singer model 5050 which was a Christmas present from my parents in 2004. It does simple stitching and I love it as it is easy for me to figure out. I really don't have space to store another machine right now as my sewing space is 1 corner of the laundry room and the machine I currently have I store in its case under my desk. In future years though when we move to our other home DH says I will have a whole room dedicated to my sewing and quilting and then when that day comes I would like to get a nice embroidery machine - my S-I-L has one and she would be able to teach me how to use one if I ever get one. I love reading about all the different machines ya'll have though as it is very informative.

Best to you,

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Sometimes I read the responses on my iphone and other times on my computer, so I can't remember who said they would like a new treadle machine. Maybe you don't mean new, just new to you, but while researching machines before I bought my Jane I noticed that Janome and maybe others offered new treadle machines that the make specifically for the Amish market.

If, as in the past, our cabin had no power, that would have been great for me.


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