Dorm Room Quilt?

K8OrlandoAugust 15, 2011

For those of you who have made quilts for college-bound kids or grandkids, what's a good size for a dorm room quilt? I've got twin niece and nephew who are about to start college and DH Jim just suggested I make quilts for them! (Wish he would have asked about 2 months ago, but I like it that he thinks my quilts would be appropriate gifts for them.)

I know most dorm beds are long twins so I'm figuring the bed size is 39"x80". Should I make the quilts to be used on the beds (maybe 60"x90") or would a slightly smaller size be more usable for them? I can pick out contemporary fabrics and patterns, but I really don't know if a college age person wants a quilt for their bed or for study time on the lawn or in their favorite chair. Can anyone help? I would hate to think whatever I make may end up stuffed in the back of a closet.


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I have done three quilts for college-bound boys. All flannel rag quilts, (in school colours), which meant they could be dragged around at will. The boys all went to schools (3 different ones) in the colder parts of the country (Canada) and interestingly all three schools had the same colours. I can't remember the size of them but they were large enough to cover and hang down the sides of the beds. And I know they were well used.
They worked for boys, I am not sure what you would do for a girl. Good Luck

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Kate, I think 60 x 90 is good. I sent DS off with oversized twin when he went to college - used it on his bed. After freshman year & renting a house he got a queen bed. Used the first quilt on the sofa for watching TV and wrapping up in a chair - still does! The others I made for his best friends were also approximately 60 x 90.

I just made a smaller one for a former student (more of a lap size) and she was thrilled with it too - so whatever size you decide will be great!


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I had a boy - the dorm room was disgusting and teeney with loft beds - for 2 years. I don't think the beds were ever made. Then he moved off campus to a (luxury) Quad and bought a full size bed. Size of the bedding was very different.

Part of what you decide to make is where they go to college.
I would suggest that you make a large lap - longer than wider - but not so large it is cumbersome in tight quarters, but one large enough to wrap up in and walk around. Keep it lightweight unless they need the warmth.
Both my son and his roommate (truly BFF)each ended up with down blankets, because they were in a cold climate, but had no space.

Girls are different.....don't be hurt or surprised if it is tossed around carelessly, lost or stolen. I would not put a huge amount of effort into it, but make it nice.

I am so glad I survived those years.

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Yup, 60 x 90 sounds good to me too.


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I made one for our GD, after I asked her if she wanted one. We then went shopping for the fabric, and she picked out the the crazy, but her colors fabric That was a guarantee that she would like it. She also helped with the cost (her offer when she saw the amount). I really loved the thought, though not necessary at all.
She will be a junior this year, and still talks about her quilt, and how her friends comment all the the time. It was a happy bonding time for us.

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Thanks for all your comments! This helps a lot.
I know what I'm going to do for colors and patterns - and now I've decided on size too; I'll go with the 60x90 but keep them as lightweight as possible. Thanks!

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Funny! I've just finished the binding on a college quilt for my nephew. It's in the washer now,and the label just got printed.

I'm not sure what type of room he has, but my sister said he'd have a long twin bed. However, my nephew is 6' and over 200#s so I made him a full sized quilt.

I don't expect his bed will ever be made anyway, so drop wasn't taken into consideration. Just big enough to cover him up.

Your size sounds fine. Go for it!

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Neat gift to send along with a school-bound kid. My biggest criteria is that it be machine washable and rugged enough to be dragged out to the grass. Small enough to be wrapped in when a chill comes over, and not overly fluffy or bulky. Reinforce the seams and make it practical.

Both my g'kids(teens and one just now starting university) got quilts three years ago for Christmas. I didn't expect the enthusiasm I saw when they opened their presents. It made it all worthwhile. My g'son got a jeans quilt and it hasn't been off his bed since.

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All my college grandkids wanted their quilt long enough to cover their toes and in school colors. I don;t know if they take quilts to games and I made them for them to enjoy That 60 x 90 sounds good unless you have one really,really tall.

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