RECIPE: Orange Jalapeno Jelly or Jam

retsecDecember 29, 2011

Does anyone have a recipe for orange jalapeno jelly or jam or could use tangerine, mandarin, or satsuma. I have tried the blueberry jalapeno and would love to try the orange jalapeno. Thanks.

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I would just follow any recipe for marmalade and add jalapenos before cooking....but be aware that it won't be very hot after cooking....if you want it hot add a couple of habaneros.
Linda c

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Thanks, that's what I thought of doing but don't know how many peppers to use. I don't want it too hot, just mostly to have the pepper flavor.

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Add a seeded japapeno for every 1/2 cup or orange stuff....pulp and rind.
Try making a recipe with some time you will know if you need more and can post your findings.....and we will all be wiser!

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I did make the Satsuma Orange Jalapeno Pepper Jelly today. If it gels I will post the recipe. It is pretty runny right now but some recipes say it will take two weeks to set. Does taste real good though. Thanks for all the information.

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I make citrus jellies all the time and I have found that you can not follow the directions on the surejell or liquid pecton boxes. The only way for the jelly to set is to change the order of the boiling. I add the box of surejell for the first boil ( 2 minute rolling boil ) and then I add the sugar for the second ( 2 minute rolling boil depending on how hot your stove is ). My jellies set once they cool.


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