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omacDecember 10, 2008

Last night I made caramels. I let them cool, and then

scored them so I could cut into squares.

They turned so hard, I nearly broke a tooth.

I followed the recipe exactly, and used a candy therometer.

Why did they get hard?

Can these be softened up in any way?

Or is there a "soft" caramel recipe out there somewhere?

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You cooked them too now have "hard candy"...are they hard enough so that it will crack like toffee?
Linda C

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They can't be softened. The only options are to give to someone who likes hard candy or crush/grind to make crumbs and use them as topping for ice cream desserts, cakes, etc.

You might want to calibrate your thermometer. It only needs to be off a little to create big problems with candy.


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Could they be simmered with some 1/2 & 1/2 til melted for an ice cream syrup?

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When you poured the caramel into the pan, did you scrape the pan? The scraped stuff can also be harder than what pours out & will harden the caramel more.

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