RECIPE: Sue heres the cheese cake lolipops!!!!

eileenlaunonenDecember 15, 2007

Very easy I make a cheesecake with no crust I set the cake up in the refrigerator Usally the next day I slice the top off the cake to get rid of the brown top leaving just the creammy part....Roll the cheesecake into truffle size balls palce on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper....put a lolipop stick into the ball and place into the freezer I then melt chocolate in the microwave and dip the pops and you can drizzle with chocolate or roll in crushed nuts...they keep well in the freezer if properly wrapped.

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Sounds yummy! How long can you leave them at room temperature to serve? Or do u take them out of the refrigerator just before serving?

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I keep them in the refrigerator until I serve them

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Thanks Eileen...they sound great and one can use their imagination to top them...nuts, crushed cookies...


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You can buy a store bought cheesecake and do the same, just don't get the crust in your scoops, they did that on the food network show.

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