Vinyl Cherries Tote!

K8OrlandoAugust 27, 2011

Last Wednesday night I decided to try a simpler project with the vinyl I ordered, before I start my attempt to make a backpack. I've never sewn with vinyl before so I didn't know anything about how my machine would handle it or if it would be difficult to work with. Turns out the machine handles it fine but it is a little tricky to handle.

It only took one evening to make this tote. Honestly, I love it! I used it on Thurs and Fri to carry my work stuff - including my purse and a pair of shoes - and I received dozens of compliments on it. Today I'm using it at the Farmers Market and I'm looking forward to carrying it at the next quilt show (Sept 24th in Jacksonville FL) to stuff lots of new purchases into.

It's big: about 19" wide by 13" tall and 7" deep. The outside is all vinyl, in two different prints. The inside is (more) cherry fabric in a regular quilting cotton. The strapping is 1.25" nylon from the Seattle outdoorsy on-line store. I didn't go all the way around with the strapping because I don't expect to carry too much weight in it and the vinyl is pretty strong by itself. I can add more strapping if it becomes an issue.

I added a little bag inside just big enough for keys and credit cards. Like Marsha's teenage friend who wanted bling on her quilt, I love the bling so I added a big button and used big beads from a broken bracelet on the ties. Then I sewed a broken lizard pin on it too.

What do you think?


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Adorable! The first thing I said "Bling!" hahaha

I love the lizard pin - It would look great on *my* charcoal wool blazer!!!
Did you put a stiffiner in the bottom? Anything light - old sheet protectors (the stiff glare ones) work great.

I love it!!!

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Kate, it is so cute!!! Love anything black and red and the cherry print is adorable! Love the bling too. No doubt you will get many more compliments on this cute tote!


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that's really cute and so practical. Good job.

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Love it! Very creative and practical!

Good Job!

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It looks great, Kate! And very practical for our FL weather, too.

Did you have problems with the vinyl sticking to your machine? I've tried sewing vinyl a couple of times and it sticks to the machine bed. I tried putting paper under it but the vinyl slid off the paper and then stuck to the machine.


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Gorgeous!!! I tried vinyl one time, and like Donna, had probelems with it.
What's your secret??????

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I thought I might need a teflon foot, but tried it with a regular foot and it worked fine. I widened the stitch a little to 2.2 and sewed a little slower than normal. It was easier than I thought it would be!

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Really really cute! I love it and your ideas on "blinging" it up, is that a word? Did you have a pattern or did you just wing it? I am always on the look out for a new bag pattern. Quit using plastic bags a couple of years ago and now have the habit of always having totes with me everywhere I go.

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Love it!

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Murphy, I didn't have a pattern. Just figure out how big you want it to be and go from there. I cut the large sides at 205x13 and the narrow sides at 7.5x13. That makes the bottom 7.5x20. I used 1/2" seams instead of 1/4".


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Thanks Kate! I like the idea of larger seams. Would make very sturdy.
Have some oilcloth left over from child's place mat and a tote would be perfect.

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Oops! I just read back and see that I wrote "205" for one of the side dimensions! Of course, I meant "20"! Sorry! (blushing...)

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How cute!! I've never sewn with vinyl, so its good to know you didn't have any problems. I would guess it would dull a needle pretty quick?


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