old car doors

jrousselJune 9, 2010

my husband and i were up at my parents in idaho where we found an old car from the 50's all rusted and picked apart. we took the 2 doors from it and im trying to get ideas of how to use them as unique decor in my home. Any ideas are VERY welcome.

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Well I have an old truck hood that is painted with a 40's pinup cowgirl. It normally hangs above my bed but is down now as I finish up some remodeling. This same artist had some truck doors painted with similar familiar vintage scenes. She is very very good. My DIL purchased an enamel table top from her - it is painted with James Dean as Jett Rink in Giant - just fabulous - not velvet Elvis at all :)!


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hanging above a sofa? or made into an end table or used as the legs for a coffee table. sounds fun to me!

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Sounds like fun...I agree some kind of a coffee table option, garden or wall decor.

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I've seen them used as railings around stairs, and applied as wainscot. Can't remember where tho'!

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Linda, your painted pin-up sounds adorable! Could you possibly share a photo?

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