Crazy thing(s) encountered when you were on the market!

elle481July 8, 2009

OK! So let's have some comic relief on this board. Selling a home is very stressfull with the daily cleaning, straightening up, making sure the toilet seats are down and the roll is filled (I can't belive how many little rolls of TP we are now using up now that we are under contract!!), the inconvenient appointments, etc. What crazy, unusual, funny, emabarrasing,(and so on, you get the picture!) have you encountered when your house was/is on the market?

I have a ton and will be posting them, but the one my husband and I still talk about is when we sold our first home 25 years ago. After being on the market for a few weeks with not much activity all of a sudden our adorable tiny starter home (the lowest priced on MLS for our town) became the "it" house to see and we had five appointments in one evening. My DH arrived home early from work because he came down with the flu. He was really under the weather and after not much activity before this, there was just no way we would cancel them. I built a roaring fire (to keep him warm), had the scent of apple pie in the air and told my DH to sit on the couch, grab a book and look happy! As soon as the crowds left, he spent the night under the covers and fortunately was back on his feet the next day.

The house sold shortly after at right near full price!!!! and he has never stopped teasing me about his "wonderful" evening!! ;)

(Back in the day, most owners did not leave the house during showing.)

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I guess most all the people who have sold their houses have moved on from this forum. Usually the real estate agents have some real doozies to tell.

My only story is that we lost power in our house for 24 hours two days before the house went up on the MLS. So just as we were frantically trying to finish up make the house picture perfect, we lost electricity, A/C (it was August) and WATER (we were on a well).

We kept thinking that any moment the electricity would come back on - the power company was completely unhelpful with information. We slept in the basement that night on cushions from the outdoor furniture.

An agent who had become aware of the listing called us directly to get a jump on seeing the house (height of the market). Talk about bad timing . . . I still feel bad about how I spoke to him.

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On an MLS Tour, one couple evidently hadn't gotten their voicemail from their agent warning them that we'd be trooping through...

they were upstairs.

in bed.

watching dirty movies &....

you know.

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Cute story!!! I don't have any stories as we are currently first time home buyers...

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Kind of odd...

The last place we sold was a Brooklyn co-op apartment with western exposures in every room, meaning there was glorious afternoon light and a stunning sunset over the harbor and lower tip of Manhattan every evening. Everyone who saw the place raved about the view...except one couple who spent over an hour in the place and decided they couldn't see the sunset because they were distracted by the rooftop in between the apartment and the river.

The place was one block from the riverfront, so there was one set of rooftops to look over, and those were a story below the apartment's windows. And they were benign, normal, unobtrusive rooftops - no roofdecks or water towers, just flat rooftops.

Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees!

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