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countryhamDecember 13, 2008

Any one have a T&T Recipe for city chicken???

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No recipe but I put cubes of pork or veal on wooden skewers, dredge in a mixture of flour, salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder and brown them in a small amount of fat (usually 2/3 oil and 1/3 butter).

I add enough water or chicken broth combined with 1/2 a pack of dried onion soup mix to cover them about half way. Cover pan and simmer for 45 minutes to a hour, turning the skewers over after 1/2 hour and adding more liquid if needed. The juices can be thickened with flour and water or served as is over the meat.

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This is one of DH's favorites!

1 lb. pork, cubed
1 lb. veal, cubed
1 egg
Seasoned flour
Cracker meal (not bread crumbs)

1. Roll cubes of meat in seasoned (salt, pepper, paprika, and/or garlic powder) flour. On bamboo skewers,
thread alternating pieces of pork and veal (about six pieces). Dip skewers in beaten egg (you can mix in
a tiny bit of milk or water), then in cracker meal. Refrigerate at least one hour or preferably overnight.

2. Place Crisco or peanut oil in skillet (olive oil may burn). Brown skewered meat on all sides until golden
brown. Transfer to baking dish and roast in oven at 350° for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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This was such a popular dish a church dinners and pot lucks back in the 70's. The Ukrainian ladies made the best ones. I have their church cookbook but it's in a box somewhere in the basement....... : (

They were dredged in flour rather than cracker meal, like Ruthanna describes, but they were cooked as malna describes, no liquid.

I'm betting this is a very regional dish with lots of spins.

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I think your right about the regional recipes.
Near Pottsville, Pa I had city chicken dry on a skewer, but in Pittsburgh I had it served differently.

Either way, it is great

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