LOOKING for: 4 layer cake, help with frosting and filling !!!!

NaallDecember 15, 2011

Im using 2 cakes, each divided by 2. So, 4 halves of cake.

Im going to put one layer of cake on the surface, then use a mix of whipping cream, walnuts and breaked meringues as filling on top of the cake.

Next, I place another layer of cake on top of this, filling the top of this one with a sort of OREO mousse.

Next, I place another layer of cake, filling the top of this one with chocolate ganache.

Next, I'll place the forth and last layer of cake.

Now all It needs is some frosting. I will cover it all with chocolate ganache and some caramel. I will also make an oreo pie crust and cover the top of the cake with it (as small crumbs).

I will use box cakes, all I need are recipes for a sort of OREO filling, like a mousse.. and also, I need help with the chocolate ganache; should I make the ganache and leave it in the fridge or just at room temperature, if so, how long? Please someone instruct me in this.

If you have any tips, ideas or anything respecting my cake, PLEASE DO TELL ME :)

This cake is for the 24th :S

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When you mix meringues with whipped cream they will turn into blobs of tough goo.
Hope the rest of the cake turned out well.

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