selling house -problems with realtor?

randy33755July 4, 2013

Hello. I live out of town, so I haven't kept good track of the realtor. Yes, I know this is a problem.
I believe my realtor did not list my house with MLS during my first 6 month contract. For the second contract, 6 months, I signed with no price as he was to look at the place as I had some updates done.
It still is not MLS-listed.
For the first contract, there was no for sale sign, no open house events happened, either for the public or for realtors.
Several repairs have been made on the house and it's in good shape. The house is being taken care of by yard/repair people. It's in a nice, kid-friendly neighborhood with good schools.
How can I get the realtor to do his job and help sell my house?

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What does the realtor say when you ask him why the house is not listed on the MLS or no sign on the property?

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The key is to interview potential agents up front, make your expectations clear, and ask them for specifics on their marketing plan. Then stay on them afterwards to make sure they deliver what they promised.

Even with good agents, you may have to look over their shoulder to make sure they do everything. Check the listing in MLS (you should "know" whether it's in there, not "believe they didn't list it.")

Set expectations for how frequently you will talk and what updates you want from them. Then follow through.

You didn't say whether you had these conversations up front or not. In any case, pick up the phone, call them, and tell them you're not happy with the marketing they've done so far. Set specific expectations of things you want them to do. If they agree, follow up. If they balk, then discuss breaking up and finding a different agent who is willing to do what you want them to do.

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I don't understand why an agent would do this. (I'm not saying that they didn't) After all he is not going to make any commission if the house doesn't sell. It is probably also a violation of your state's real estate commission and local MLS. If you don't get a good response from the agent you should contact his broker.

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Are you sure that the home isn't on the local MLS? Do you actually have access to it? (Some MLS don't exactly do "public" access.) Or is it some private site like that the home doesn't appear on? That's not a part of the MLS.

What's the address of the home? I'm sure that plenty of people here can check to see if they can see it for you.

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I also wonder if your agent is a Realtor or a real estate agent. There is a difference although the terms are used interchangeably. A real estate agent will not have access to the MLS. In many areas, one needs to be a member of the NAR and the local board of Realtors to have listings in the MLS.

What does your contract say about the MLS? Why would you re-sign with this agent?

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You need to find out for sure if your house is on the MLS. If it's not, I would get a new realtor! You can't let 6-12 months go by without having your home listed.

You absolutely need a realtor who will list your house on the MLS, put up a sign in your yard, make sure it gets listed on and help you to arrive at a listing price. Those are the absolute bare minimum requirements!

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I would bet it is in the MLS... I can not think of any logical reason why it would not be. I also can not phantom a reason why you are not absolutely sure if it is or not.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Our agent gave us a link to our listing in the MLS. IF yours doesn't do that for you, then you got the wrong guy.

Go to Trulia, Zillow, and all the other top sites, and find realtors who sell in your area.

Dump the Chump!


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