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vicky4x4August 4, 2011

Do you have a favorite tip to share?

I started using clear plastic bins to store my fabric in so I can see it easier. My husband build me a cabinet to store them in with a big board (ironing board) on top. It works great the only problem is it's a horizontal surface in a main living area so as you can guess everyone puts there stuff on it and I have to clean it off everytime I want to use it!

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I use bins for fabric storage, but a couple years ago I started using (clean, unused) pizza boxes to store completed quilt blocks. The 14" or 16" boxes are perfect and your local pizza place will probably give you a couple unused ones if you ask. (I get two new boxes every time I stop at my favorite Italian place.)
I've started storing projects in them too, even before I get to making the blocks. For me, it's a good way to segregate the fabric I intend to use on a project so I don't use it for something else.


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I use a heavy 1" metal tape measure to measure for borders, sashings, etc. Then I use the very same tape measure at my cutting station, the lip hooked on the left corner, stretched out across the front - locked. The weight will keep the metal tape flat. Stick a small ball head pin in the border about 1/2"in fron the end - it will fit perfectly under the metal lip of the tape & measure the half way point of the required length - pin & repeat. It is then very easy to fold, pin and you have the 1/4 measurement. Match these pins to the quarter & half pins in the quilt top and perfect length,flat borders every time.
I cut off the excess after pressing using my square ruler.

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Vicky, Nice cabinet! I think I'd put everyone's stuff on the floor and maybe they'd get the message that's 'your' spot to put stuff on! lol

I like the see through bins for storage, use smaller ones for current projects and large plastic bags (see through) bags for completed blocks.....they don't stack as well as pizza boxes, but it reminds me of what's still there waiting for my attention. @:)


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I have my fabric in big see-through bins, too, but they are all stored in the closet in my sewing room (hubby installed shelves in the whole closet for me). He also built 3 tables for the sewing room that run along one wall and part of the adjoining wall - 2 are my sewing work area and the third is the computer table. Under one of the sewing tables I have rolling bins from Office Depot that have all my thread, pins, buttons, trims, quilting tools, etc.

Talking about Vicky's cabinet...at a previous job the draftsmen would bring work packages to me for input into the computer. I asked them all very nicely to please put them in my IN basket instead of on the middle of my desk (on top of whatever else I was working on), and all but one very nicely did that. But the one...he was special, you know, so he always dropped his packet right in the middle of my desk. One day I picked it right up and dropped it in the trash can, where it stayed the rest of the day! He put stuff in my basket after that. LOL


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That is a wonderful cabinet! Your DH did a nice job and you have everything so well organized, Vickie!

Kate, you are a great organizer as well.

Donna, great idea! Meg, too!

Wonderful tips to ponder.


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After a long session of piecing my back gets sore. I use an exercise ball (anti-burst) as a desk chair, and just a few minutes up-side down on that helps stretch out my back and relieves the pain almost instantly.

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I have industial shelving on one wall of my sewing room where I store my folded fabric in clear plastic boxes. I put different colors in each box with an index card stating the color. I also seperate seasonals, 30's, dots, stripes, etc that way. Love the boxes.
Another thing that I like to do is use flat trays (saved from work but any sq. tray would work)to put my block pc. on, stacks of sq.,triangles, etc. for the current project. Makes it easy to move them from place to place. I have also used my 16x16 sq. ruler to lay out a complicated block while sewing it together so I don't mix up the order.
Vicky, love you ironing set up, wish I had space for a better set up.

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I am always getting up to locate my pincusion when I am moving between parts of a quilting project like ironing or mounting on a display wall. I have asked for and gotten an extra pincushion or two as gifts, but decided I wanted one in each work area. I had a few litte souvenir stuffed floppy toys given me just taking up space but too dear throw away, so put a few of the small one here and there in the sewing room, like near the iron, near the wall, near the cutting area and certainly near the machine. They work as well as a real pincushion and I smile with I use them. When I am pressing and removing pins, and fill one up, I take it over to the machine where the cushion had become empty in the step before and just switch the whole cushion, a full one for an empty one. It has save me so many steps.

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All ya'lls talk of organizing your sewing rooms got me motivated this evening. So I cleaned out several cabinets and reorganized them and even got my desk cleaned off. So yeah! thanks for the motivation! :-)

Best to you and many thanks,

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