QOTD Do you sew things other than quilts?

murphy_zone7August 29, 2011

At a sewing group the other week and during the conversation, one of the ladies announced (most emphatically) that she did not sew anything other than quilts. I sew almost everything....purses, totes, aprons, home dec items, grandbaby items, kitchen items, and even some wear around the house only dresses. I even made a console cover for a pick up truck once.

So the question is do you sew anything other than quilts? If so, what? Any thing you would not try?

Have a great day,


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When I first read the topic, I thought that I really didn't sew anything other than quilts these days. Not like the "old" days when I did lots of clothing for kids and myself.
But then I read the post and realized I do other things. Around the house, I have made tablecloths, curtains, place mats, etc. I am a volunteer at our Church library and when someone heard that I sewed, I have been asked to do lots of different jobs there, from larger items to small. I have made a piano cover (from quilted material) , an organ cover (also quilted) to protect it from dust during construction, covers for the Holy Oil containers and even a brick cover to serve as a doorstop. Some kind of challenging, others a snap.
But quilting comes first.

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I will sew or make anything, but I don't often make clothing. Making clothes is just not fun for me so i don't do it unless I'm really inspired.

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Yes. Whatever comes my way! I don't do many clothes any more because it isn't worth the cost. I did do Halloween costumes last year.


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I have made lots of other items in the past but now it is mostly quilting. I made clothes for myself and my kids but now that I have started quilting, I have lost interest in doing anything but quilted items.
Linda OH

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I'll sew anything but clothes. Just not very good at it. I am looking for a simple apron if anyone knows of a good pattern online.


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I sew simple dresses and tops for myself, make tote bags, small gifts, do mending, and alterations for my boys and my parents *only* and make curtains, table cloths and other household items. Just finished 3 burp cloths for my sister to give at a baby shower next month - she paid for them, so the $$ go toward my retreat expenses.

People ask me to do alterations, but I give the excuse that I don't have time. Which is perfectly true, but I have found that alterations take way more time than they are worth. I finally decided to do them only for my sons and my parents, people I didn't want to turn down.


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I'll try just about anything once! I made all the curtains, drapes and Roman shades in my house and I've made lots of pillows, shams, etc. I used to sew all my clothes and a lot of DH's, but have mostly lost interest in making clothes. I lost a lot of weight then gained it back, and it's not in the same places so nothing fits right! LOL Plus the patterns are as ugly as the clothes in the stores, so I just make do with my old clothes.

Quilts are definitely at the top of the list!


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I made all our clothes years ago but because I had to and couldn't afford "store bought". Now I make drapes, covers for things and do a little mending and shortening. I still tailor things I buy so they fit better. There's nothing like finding an expensive dress at a thrift shop cheap and making it fit perfectly. I recently made my own black vest for the railroad uniform because theirs are all for men with no room for boobs.

But, now I can sew just for me and that is quilting and fabric arts.

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I used to sew most of my clothes, but stopped when they never fit right. It took me awhile to figure out I am short-waisted and it is easier to try clothes on to see how they fit in the store rather than putting the time/money into making something that doesn't fit right or doesn't look good. I only had Home Ec. classes in Jr. High and I would love to take tailoring classes but can not find any. My mom always talks about how much she learned taking sewing classes at opportunity school but I have not found anything equivalent to that now. (We have a custom suit manufacturer near by and I've wondered if they would let me do an internship to learn?!?) I did sew clothes for my girls when they were little and we still had a couple fabric stores that had discount tables where I could get fabric cheap enough to make it worth while. But all of those stores are gone now and fabric prices are sky high so I only sew quilts and the occasional craft/home dec. item.

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I am like everyone else - used to make all my clothes - even lingerie - in the past I used to make wedding gowns, bridal veils, uniforms for groups--I hated sewing for people.
I still make all the household items. Love making window treatments - will try anything.
I sew for our sailboat - major sewing- the only thing I will not make is a Sail - you need the right curves and formulas, and a big space. I do alter and repair and retrofit already sewn sails (like when you buy used sails and need to adapt them to fit the rigging)

I really enjoy the world of quilting, maybe because I am learning so much, and each project is a new adventure and unique.

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Quilts come first, but I also make rice bags, totes, potholders, table runners, etc. When DS was growing up he HATED blue jeans & those parachute pants were popular so I made all of his clothes. I think he liked being unique. I also made all the Halloween costumes. I used to sew clothes, especially tops for my SIL because she is big chested & had a hard time finding things that fit. Now only occasionally. I do have some "clothing" fabric in my stash that might call me to cut them up. I just wish I were better at it!
Marsha, my sister is the boat sewer in our family. When she retired she started a new business sewing replacement canvas for boats - she has 2 commercial Pfaff machines & has hired my brother/SIL to help when she gets busy. They even have a pipe bender to do replacement pipe work on the boats!


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I used to make our clothes (even a few leisure suits for DH) but haven't done that for years. Just the occasional mending or shorten jeans/slacks for family. A few little things at Christmas but that's it except for quilt tops.


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I started out sewing doll clothes as a kid and just kept progressing up the line. I can't think of anything I don't do or aren't willing to try.
Quilts tho are my favorite thing to do. I like taking a bit of this and a bit of that and pulling it together into something totally unique and of my own creation.

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Rebecca here is the site that I have used for aprons.
At first I said no, but after I thought about it I sew lots of things.
I made some of our clothes years ago. I am short and have been blessed with boobs (unfortunately) and like Karlene I tried to find a class to learn how to taylor clothes and never found one. Since retirement I do not dress up unless I have too lol!!!
Curtains, totes, burb cloths, Halloween costumes, American Girl doll clothes, table cloths.
But I prefer to quilt!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: 56FreeApronPatterns

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I am not above sewing anything I can fit under my machine's presser foot. I used to make most of my clothes, got away from it for while and have started back up again. I do it because I can make them fit better and I'm disgusted at the quality of the sewing in store clothing compared to what is used to be. I've had too many expensive outfits fall apart quickly and I hate the raw seams in most of them.

I do most of the house sewing like curtains and table linens, even dish cloths. Knowing to sew got me through some very lean times when it was the only way I could afford to give Christmas gifts to any but my own immediate relatives.

My most ambitious projects? I sewed a formal for my sis when she was a student wife and couldn't afford a new one. Also made her a fully silk-lined wool suit when she got pregnant she could wear when she was too pregnant for her old wardrobe, but not showing enough for maternity clothes. Speaking of which, I was a very active pregnant woman back in the days women weren't. LOL. So I had to sew my own pregnancy swimwear. I did a full bridal gown, and then a velvet ballerina gown for my last marriage in wine red. (Christmas time) I do nursing scrubs and dog clothes and pillow cases too. Children's winter coats and christening gowns. Other fabric arts as well.

I got into quilting as a Johnny-come-lately.

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I occasionally make a pillow or pillow sham, table runner, potholders, that's about it for home decor. Years ago I tried making clothes, they always turned out awful, except for one dress, my sister liked it so I let her have it. I also have made dolls and bears, but that was quite a few years ago. I failed sewing in Home Econ. class in Jr. High because I missed the first 2 weeks of class and the teacher was very mean and wouldn't show me ANYTHING to catch up, not how to thread or use the machine, nothing. And we didn't have one at home. So when my DH brought a machine home for our first anniversary I was NOT happy. But I eventually started using it after a few years, still have it in fact. I did make my son's little elastic-waist shorts when he was little, kinda hard to mess that up too much.

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I can sew almost anything - including a shade cloth, snap on cover for my small greenhouse. I've sewn my own clothes, baby clothes for my son, and made my living upholstering and finishing needlepoint pillows and Christmas stockings.

I no longer enjoy any of that. I would upholster a piece, or make a pillow for myself, but never again for anyone else.

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I am up to a challenge and will try most things but stay away from slipcovers and furniture. I love sewing clothing for children but don't have the need much anymore. Love heirloom sewing--made many christening gowns and one christening suit for a GGson. Sold many handsmocked baby bonnets and dresses. Made my GD wedding dress a few years ago. My children would have been unclothed had I not sewn when they were little. I think I may start to make more things for myself as I detest what is availabe on the racks but don't enjoy that much.
I do the ususal around the home and such things a "walker bags", totes, placemats, dolls & doll clothes etc.
Quilting is my main interest now but would love to get back to christening things.

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