Motion activated faucets

eleenaApril 8, 2013

In theory, it's what I have always wished for and Kohler Sensate looks really good. But I am a little hesitant. They are a lot more expensive than their 'regular' counterparts and I am not sure if the photo element will hold up. IME, they never do.


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I don't have any experience with them either, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't regret not getting one. The granite around my faucet is always wet because someone has turned off the faucet with a wet drippy hand. I am constantly wiping down the granite and still it has lost the shine and feel of the rest of the granite.

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I am set on getting one too and think the Sensate is the model we will get even though i havent found many user reviews. We looked at the moen motionsense but found several scary accounts of malfunctions resulting in kitchen floods and lowes stores in our area have already taken them off the shelves telling me they didn't sell. Like Marti8a, I am tired of wiping up water on my counter!

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Anyone have Sensate? I'm really interested in this faucet for my new kitchen. I'm thinking of getting it despite few reviews yet. Even if it works for a while, it would be worth it! I hate gunking up my faucet with sticky or dirty hands, and I also hate all that water on the granite.

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I installed a pair of Delta touch faucets in the kitchen. I haven't moved in yet, but they seem to work fine. If your hands are gunky, just touch with a wrist. The feature costs about $100 more than the same faucet without. Their Brizo line is a bit more upscale.

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Bumping up an old post. Anyone have any feedback on the Sensate now that it has been out for a bit longer?

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