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vicky4x4August 1, 2011

While on vacation do you always have your eyes peeled for a Quilt shop?

We were just away and did a lot of traveling around the lakes. I had my eyes peeled but didn't see one quilt shop :-( My husband was funny he said that's ok that you didn't see one, cause we can stop any where but a quilt shop! Then he laughed so I know he was joking.


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Yes and I spotted one on my trip to PA in June but I wasn't able to stop as I wanted to get to my friends' farm before nightfall. Now I don't recall which town it was in. :o(


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Yep! I will do that every time!

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Most of our vacations are cruises, and there aren't many quilt shops in the islands. This year, however, one of our destinations is St. Kitts and one of the things to see is a batik factory! :) So...I agreed to tour a fort if DH would go with me to the batik factory. And I already told him that I am not bypassing the gift shop! LOL


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Go, Donna!!! We'll be waiting for a report, pictures of the gift shop and the treasures you won't be able to live without!!!!


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I ALWAYS look for quilt shops! My Quilters' Travel Companion is almost always in the van - ready to be grabbed at a moments notice if we find ourselves 'hitting the highway'. !!

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I want to vacation with you Donna! There are 2 fun quilt shops in Skagway, Alaska if you cruise Alaska - I've spent lots of money there! Would love to go to a batik factory!!
I do look for quilt shops. DH will stop - but often times it seems like they are closed early or not open when we are passing through little towns.
Last summer we had our eyes peeled for barn quilts & DH had a great eye for spotting them. Almost as much fun as quilt shops (cheaper, anyway)


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No matter where I go I google quilt shops before I go. On our Alaska cruise I had 3 shops picked out and all were fun (especially Rushin' Tailor in Skagway). Even 11 years ago when I was in Australia, I had a quilt shop about 2 hours outside Sydney I just had to go to; DH Jim is a sweetie and always indulges my need to visit new shops. The Australia outing turned out even better than expected because it got us into the Blue Mountains, a trip we probably wouldn't have made without the quilt shop.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rushin Tailor Quilt Shop on-line store

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I remember the Rushin Tailor Quilt Shop, loved it!

I keep my eyes peeled, but don't always get to go.


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Is there a web site that lists quilt shops - an on line version of the Quilter's Travel Companion? Or do you just do as Kate does and google quilt shops and the places you are going to visit?

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I never travel without my Quilters Travel Companion. In the past I made the effort to visit any that were listed on the Rt. . As our travel is limited now I still make the effort but not as intence. I went out of our way on the home this summer to visit Lancaster Pa. just to visit shops.
I always check out the telephone Directory's Yellow pages for the city that we stop at. Perhaps I am compulsive but it is great fun to find something new and different and meet interesting people.

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Their website will always be more update than a printed book. Here's a link!

Here is a link that might be useful: Quilters Travel Companion

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Oh most definitely I have my eyes searching for quilt shops while on vacations. Five years ago we went to Hawaii and found one and last year we took a trip to Michigan and my DH planned it all out so that on our way home to Minnesota we could stop at some different shops. Even when we are out exploring a new area on our motorcycle, if I see a quilt shop and they happen to be open, my husband usually will stop and we will walk in with our leather chaps and jackets on and we do get some looks sometimes :) But I have a question for you lovely gals, I usually like to buy something that will help me remember the area but that is sometimes difficult to find, if you don't mind me asking, what are some things that you purchase at a quilt shop while on vacation?

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I almost always get some fabric, then try to name the quilt after the vacation or the vacation area when I use the fabric.

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My really good vacations were when my DH was traveling with an international company, during the eighties and early nineties. It was so nice to travel with him when we were childless, and then when our son was young.

So no quilty stuff - not in England, not in France, not in Liechtenstein. What's sad is all those places now have a quilting subculture.

My last really excellent trip was when my son was riding the Texas 4000 bicycle ride from Austin, Texas, to Anchorage, Alaska in 2004. It was a fundraiser for cancer research, and took 70 or so days. We flew to Anchorage to be at the finish line. I arrived two days before, and we went to meet the team on the way (DH went a week or so before me, just to see Alaska).

I found three quilts shops (2 in Anchorage) in 2 days. I forget the name of the other small town - we went through 5 or 6. I did buy some fabric, but really, I just bought it to have it. It didn't really speak to me. And I've never done anything with it.

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i also look for quilt shops were ever i go. and we have a lots in the western part of the state. w have 6 in our county alone. then we have a joann's and a walmart with a good fabric dept.

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