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vicky4x4August 3, 2011

Do you belong to a quilt guild?

What are your experiences with guilds?

We have one that meets in our area I just haven't had the time to go and check it out.

I have heard a lot of negative about guilds; cliquey, unfriendly or unwelcoming. But I like to form my own opinions on things so someday after I'm done homeschooling and my children have left me I think I'm going to try this one.

Right now I use the forums I'm on and the instructional You Tube videos as my "guild."


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I do belong to a guild. There are two in my town, a morning-which is cliquey and not very friendly, and a night-which is fun and friendly, I dropped my membership to the morning and only attend the night. I have found a guild to be a great source of classes, ideas, workshops, road trips, etc. I also consider my guild as a "social" outlet. I live alone and wanted to interact with humans who share my habit, I mean hobby. My dog just doesn't provide enough quilty conversation and his quilt lessons don't teach me much.

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I belonged to a guild for a couple years when we lived in Indiana but soon became tired of them not staying on subject and being on time. It was a morning group and I had to be to work at noon. There was enough time, they just didn't use it wisely. Like Murphy said, it's a great way to have a little human interaction about a subject that's familiar. But, since I don't do much driving, especially after dark, I don't see it happening for me.


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I belong to a guild. tried it once and it seemed unwelcoming. tried again a few years later and things were different.

There are familiar 'groups' within, including one I'm a part of, that do things together. Some of those can seem unwelcoming & cliquey, but I because of my first experience, I try hard to welcome new folks and be friendly & open.

It is my social outlet. I'm home with kids (& homeschooling) all day, so it's my 2 nights a month that I get out! Other than occassional errands, I hardly get out by myself. I get cranky if I can't get to meeting on a regular basis.

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I did belong to a guild for three years. And I found it to be quite cliquey. I did manage to sit with a group of about 6 women who were very friendly. But after three years, if most of the people don't even know your name, time to move on.
The main meeting was after lunch but many of the ladies came in the morning to work on projects etc. There was a committee (of 1) which set up workshops and since numbers at these were limited, it seemed the only ones who got to go were the people from the morning.

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I belong to a guild which has a pretty large membership. I think there are some "clique-y" groups. It's hard to get to know people when it's a large group! I haven't been attending very frequently lately. The business part of the meetings are kind of dull (probably unavoidable) but the program part is usually pretty interesting. We bring in some good teachers throughout the year so have the opportunity to learn from some masters.

I'm not much of a joiner or a group person (very introverted!), but I've enjoyed being part of the guild for the last several years.


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I joined the local guild last year. It is large and growing-over 300 members. They have different "bees" meeting in different areas, and "bees" on certain topics. The Guild holds a show every year, that is the major source of revenue, a lot of work goes into the show. There are monthly business meetings, not much quilty conversation - mostly business. the Guild sponsors workshops with 'famous' instructors, retreats, sew-ins, trips, challenges, as well as on going special philanthropic projects. There is something for everyone....like everything else, you have to put yourself "out there" to meet & and greet & get to know these ladies. Is it cliquey? - yes--show me any organization that isn't--but knowing that--I joined, I wear my name tag and a smile, I attend the workshops and hold the door for the older ladies.....and spent the weekend of the show volunteering in a group that organized the Registration of quilts to be hung and picked up at the end.
I learned names, touched their quilts, (checked out their work :~) and chit - chatted. All in all, a pleasant experience and I am looking forward to the meeting in September. It is more about how you let them treat you by your actions - just like in life.

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I agree with Marsha. Ours is very large and those who are shy tend to talk only to the few they know. But we do split off into small "bees" and those six ladies are my best friends. Being large, our guild sponsors wonderful teachers each month to speak and then hold a class. Some are wonderful and a unique opportunity with people like Ruth McDowell and Deb Kerasik. I've gotten some of my best lessons through the guild so I stay for that above all.

Our show is every two years. We make hundreds of charity quilts for Rotoplast surgery teams to take all over the world and contribute to other good works. A guild is really only what you make it and what you want to get involved in.

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I was a member of our original Quilt quild many years ago. I was with the group for maybe 10years and then a conflicing activity made it difficult and finally I quit. At that time there were 25-30 members which was a nice size but from what I understand it has become much larger. This year I will be free at the time they meet but as it is at night I am debating as to my desire to join again. Nite driving in the winter can be prohibiting.
They do offer help and new ideas, classes and shows. I believe they can be important and fun.

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I belong to a guild which meets one Saturday morning a month. The guild is limited to 50 members so you can get to know people better. It is a friendly bunch. They have monthly programs/speakers and fun activites. Some members break up into smaller groups of 5 or 6 that meet at other times during the month to do projects together. I consider myself lucky with our guild after reading some of the problems and comments others have stated here.

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The Austin Area Quilt Guild is huge, and for me it would be about an hour's drive from where I live west of the city. I'm just not interested enough to drive that far, especially at night.

They have lots of "Bee" groups, but the only one near me requires not only Guild membership, but they want me to join a local Community Center as well (and that's in a pretty expensive neighborhood, and I don't want to pay $100/year in dues).

So, while I would like to join a small group, there are none out here not affiliated with the large group. And I'm just not an organizer, so starting my own is not going to happen.

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