Finished Yo Yo Row Quilt

murphy_zone7August 5, 2011

I finished the Yo Yo Row Quilt yesterday and wanted to share with you. This is the cover quilt on BH&G American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine June 2011 issue. Started it as soon as I received the magazine and finished yesterday. Went pretty fast and was also easy. Something I look for in quilt patterns!

And as I say about all my quilts.....'it may not be perfect, but it is done!'


Hope this link works, this is my first time posting a picture. And I wish I knew how to just get the photo in the message.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Nice and very interesting pattern for yo-yo's! I think they are time consuming, but great as a pick up and go project.

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What a cute quilt that is! I don't know how Yo-Yo's can go fast, but I think you did a great job on this. Don't think I've ever seen a yo-yo quilt like this but I like it! Did you sew them on the background fabric by hand?


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Very cute!! Did you machine stitch the yo-yo's to the top? I did a few yo-yo's as an accent on another quilt and I wasn't very good with them. I hope they get easier the more you do?


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Love the quilt! And I also am wondering how you attached them to the top? (I have one I'm machine quilting right now)

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When a friend of my husband's was cleaning out after his mother's death, he found 2 yo-yo tops, single size, and made probably in the 40's. They are not backed, just the yo-yos. I have them and have no idea what to do with them. Any suggestions???

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Very pretty quilt!!!! I have only used yo yo's as flowers in a border.

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When I was a child my GAunt was big on hand crafts and had lots of things made from yo-yo's but they were out of fashion for many years until now that they have the yo-yo tool that makes them easier. Saw a demo on Fon and Porter the other morning.
Your quilt makes them stand on their own and makes for an interesting quilt. I am sure it required many hrs. of intense work to make. I can see why you are happy it is finished. Nice job. TFS

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Really nice job. Love your colors. I'm also curious if you hand appliqued them to backing.

to insert a picture, in Photobucket you look under the picture for the box that says HTML code and copy and paste that into your message. You'll see it in the preview window before posting if it works right.

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I love the colors!

It also may be the only yo-yo quilt I have ever liked, LOL, since I've never been a fan. But your quilt is gorgeous.

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Very, very pretty! You did a great job.I can't beleive you got it finished so fast! Also want to know how you attached them.

When I was a teenager, I used to make clowns & animals out of Yo-Yo's
Anyone remember these?

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Thank you all for all the kind comments. And while I am glad you think I am some kind of "quilting yoyo making genius" LOL I have confessions to make. While the pattern came out of the Jun dated issue, it arrived in my mailbox sometime in April or May. I didn't get started on the yo yo's until May when I scored a bargain at my guild's "yard sale" Got over 350 charm squares for about $5.00. One woman's trash, another woman's treasure! I used the x-large Clover yo yo maker. That little gadget makes yo yo making go very fast, they are consistent in size, and easy. I did them by hand while watching TV in the evenings and I must confess, I got caught up in the Casey Anthony trial on TV and made quite a few watching little guilty secret...LOL so a few were made during the day as well. The pattern calls for 409 yo yo's. You then cut 3 1/2 x 42" strips of background fabric and hand sew the yo yo's to the strips, just an 1/8 of inch from edge of yo yo. Another TV hand work project. The strips are then sewn together (end to end and then side by side) by machine, stitch in the ditch quilting, bind and done.
And while I am confessing.....I have a tendency to get tunnel vision when working on a project, I pretty much just work at it until done. Which is why I don't have but maybe two or three UFO's. UFO's just drive me crazy!
Nannykins, I have seen those yo yo quilts where hundreds if not thousands of yo yo's are just sewn to each other to make a top. They are beautiful and I think, to use them, you just lay on a bed with a neutral background and let them look great on their own.
Again, thank you for your kind comments.

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Toolgranny....and thank you for the info on how to post pictures. Will give that a try next time.

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Hey, Murphy!!! I can send you some UFO's so you won't feel so left out!!!!! lol


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Murphy, I love your quilt! The bright green background really sets off the yo-yos.

One lady in my guild made a bunch of quilts while watching the trial. She calls them her Caylee quilts because she can't bring herself to say "that other name."


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This is an interesting quilt....I like it. The green background really shows off the yo-yos. I wouldn't have the patience for it even with the yo-yo maker.


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i think your quilt is darling. Congrats!! I've made yo-yo's ok but sewing them together or on something is another story.
I started making a yo-yo vest but never finished have to find the pic.

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I wish I could get tunnel vision lol!!!!

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