Selling our house! Finally!

anitaladyroseJuly 25, 2014

We are finally listing our home this weekend! We have been planning to build our next home and selling this one is part of the plan. We have done our best to stage it. We have spent many hours packing items, cleaning, touching up paint, etc. Hopefully it will all pay off and it will sell quickly.

Now comes the part where we have to keep it pristine every day until it sells...

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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AnitaLadyRose, I feel your pain on keeping it pristine. My just listed, too, and I just keep wondering how people with kids do this. Mine are grown and gone and I'm still struggling to keep things off counters and out of the way.

Good luck - I hope you have some good news to share soon!

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I'm finding it is certainly easier to keep the house clean than starting from scratch! We don't have children living with us so it is much easier than if we did. I now vacuum and dust every week instead of twice a month and pick up and clean the bathrooms and kitchen daily.

Since we are selling through Craig's List and on Zillow, we are getting people who call and want to see it within the hour. (We are in the middle of nowhere so people come driving past and then realize it is easier to call from their cell than to go all the way back home to call and make an appt.)

This is fine with us ---- we will show it with little notice to anyone who wants to see it. Because we are so far from any town, our property/acreage is especially difficult to market. We are having much more interest since we took it from the Realtor. (She didn't like to work on weekends!)

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

Here is an easy tip for your bathroom clutter. Get each person a plastic tote. Put all your personal items in the tote (shaving stuff, makeup, toothcare, brushes, hair spray, deodorant, and anything on the counter) in the tote, bring the tote out AM, do your thing, stash the tote in the closet or under the sink, and clean up is easy. A clutter free counter makes a room look bigger.

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