LOOKING for: dinner rolls made with frozen bread dough

ctack2November 15, 2007

I have been elected to bring the 'bread' for Thanksgiving dinner. I am in a family of lazy cooks, and they told me I could bring biscuits or whatever. HA! No way! I will work until late Wednesday night, and we're eating at 2 PM, so I thought that since I have several loaves of frozen bread dough in the freezer, maybe I could use them to make dinner rolls that taste homemade. Does anyone have any suggestions on how convert them from loaves to rolls?


Carol B

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Well....you could shape them into roll size pieces....but they will still be bread.
Why not try making and freezing rolls this weekend and just wrap them in foil and re heat when you get to where you are going?
Linda C

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My old trick with frozen dough was to roll balls after thawing - 3 to a muffin tin space, ie. cloverleaf. Let them double and bake. Freeze as Linda suggests.

They will be better than those you buy on the bread aisle.

If you want, brush the tops with beaten egg white before baking and sprinkle with poppy seeds.

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Or make a batter roll recipe...
Linda C

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I think I might try thawing one of the loaves tomorrow and making them like you said Iris, and also trying a batter roll like you mentioned Linda.

I've never done either so it will be interesting. Anyone got a recipe for a good batter bread?

Thanks for you help ladies!
Carol B

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