LOOKING for: Advice on reheating turkey breast

laurenk88_paNovember 19, 2007


Due to my son's Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl (HS football game), I'm planning to cook my turkey breast the night before, and then reheat part of it Thursday after the game, and serving the other part cold.

What would be the best way to reheat the turkey? In gravy? In broth?

Any advice would be appreciated!!

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I like it in gravy but either works. Just heat it in an open pan in the oven covered w/gravy or if it's just for a few people, heat it in a covered pan on the stovetop.

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If you know you will be reheating it....be sure not to over cook it...even one tiny little bit!
Caterers that will bring a sliced turkey to your house re heat in broth. I think because it looks less like reheated turkey.
Linda C

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Thank you both for the advice!

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I like to reheat at a very low temperature, like 200, covered in chicken or turkey broth. Keep the breast whole until the day and then slice what you want to reheat, layer it in a casserole dish and cover with broth. Heat at low temp just until warmed through. Remove the turkey from the broth to serve. Serve the gravy on the side as not everyone likes gravy...silly people! LOL

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