Desperate for backsplash help...

geomegApril 22, 2013

I need to make a descision today on the green/blue Walker Zanger tile for my backsplash.

It's coming from the States and if I don't order it I won't have it in time.

I'm debating between a safe color like the cream crackle which I can buy here in my own city anytime or taking a chance on the blue/green tile.

Does the blue tile look too "bathroomy"?

My counter will only be in in a couple of weeks but then I won't be able to get the blue tile in time....


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The only con that comes to mind about the blue/green tile is because it's an actual 'color' you may tire of it. Something as permanent as a backsplash might be better off in a true neutral so that as your taste or styles change, you can swap out accessories much easier than a backsplash!

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Sorry, but I don't like any of them. :(

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That's what I'm worried about too with the blue tile , that I will get tired of it.
Back to the drawing board!

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That's a very pretty stone! The photo colors are undoubtedly not accurate, so with a grain of salt. Cream has a good chance of clashing with your cabinets and skewing how you see their color. The middle one doesn't seem to go at all. I like the gray green? but it is so much like the counter color and I think it would be too much of the same and a little too stormy overall, or depressing. You might tire of it.

I really like the stone though. It's an elegant color combination!

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I'll try and post some better pics. The stone is White macaubas, but it's not very white more in the grey tones.
My cabinets are very creamy. Originally I thought of a blue green color to pick up some of the green in the stone, but now I'm not so sure ...

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I've seen someone else on GW make the point that there's no particular reason you'd be more likely to get tired of a color than of a neutral. If you love the color, but feel neutral about the neutral, why not pick what you love?

I think I like the green blue tile, at least in theory, but I really can't make out much from the posted photo.

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Here is a pic of the stone with the blue/green tile, the cream crackle tile, and a little piece from the crown moulding. The cabinets look creamier in person though...

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I love the blue/green tile. It looks great with the white macaubas.

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OK, totally different look in this photo - love the blue-green!

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I am not clear why you have this timeline. The best way to make a decision about the BS is to wait for the counter to be installed. Then, get samples of the blue/green tile and line them up and see how they look at different times of the day. Some here even buy enough for a sample board and even grout it.
As for a color, if you absolutely can say you love it, then go for it. Although you would not want to, you can change out the backsplash down the road. (Actually many of us have changed ours right after installation...but that is a whole other thread.)
So many of us have played it safe with the white and cream. I am one of them. But, I love whites, tans ,beiges etc.
If you are a person who likes to be surrounded by color then this will make you happy.
My concern is how it will look with your counter. And that is why you should get samples and live with them for a while.
I also want to tell you that many of us here have lived for months and even years before deciding on a backsplash.

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ellendi- I too love neutrals and usually play it safe with color.
The reason I'm on a timeline is because my contractor will be installing the backsplash once the counter is in. The blue tile is coming from California ( I'm in Canada) and will take a couple of weeks to get here.

I've decided to put a hold on the order and wait until my counter is in.
I agree that it's best to see the tile with the counter in.

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Completely different! Love the blue green. It's very soothing and inspirational.

I agree, you can tire of anything. Do what you love now.

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i have white macaubas and chose a blue/green/grey tile backsplash. in my (un)biased opinion, i think they will look really good together. and i think walker zanger has some of the best blue tile colors around.

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michoumonster- can you post a pic of your kitchen? I'm so confused about what to do...

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Can't you postpone a bit? I'd order a small amount to get a better feel for how it will look and whether you will like it over time.

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Holly- Kay

That green tile is just lovely but I agree that it would be best if you could live with it for a bit before deciding. Don't you just hate it when someone rushes you to make an important decision?

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Have you considered a very light gray? I love the tile itself and the crackle it has. I think the cream will clash with your cabinets and I'm not feeling the green. I think it's pretty, but more for a bathroom. I would look at the same tile in a light gray.

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Didn't read everything. Did someone tell you your contractor's wishes aren't the final word on anything? The contractor and subs HAVE to keep pushing emotionally involved amateurs, or it can be disaster for them--sometimes a long series of profit-eating problems and delays that can make them hate to go to work. Plus, they just don't WANT to be bothered by client dithering, even if they're nicely paid to make an occasional change.

So that's where they're coming from. Thing is, the only real power they have over their client (the checkwriter!) is her gullibility and susceptibility to being pressured.

This is big for you, so my recommendation is to order your sample, make your decision, and if the tile is going to arrive late let your contractor know as soon as you do so his or her time and crew can be rescheduled.

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I have received another sample from Walker Zanger. It's a light grey/blue.
I'm not sure if it goes with the cream of the cabinets but it seems to suit the sample of counter...Opinions on this choice?

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another pic...

This post was edited by geomeg on Thu, Apr 25, 13 at 9:17

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It's really hard to tell with the lighting of your pictures. Can you take one from further back?

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Your cabinets look quite white, so I would think they'd go. The photos will never show accurately for people to know one way or the other, except in a general kind of way. Possibly the tile looks clearer and brighter than the counter tones? Fresher? That might be a problem but it could be the reflections. The cabinet looks bright too.

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I admit my photos are taken with my iPhone so probably not the best.
The cabinets are not really white at all, must be the flash.
I'll try taking better pics .

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Since it's so hard to tell with the lighting (and on the computer), it's difficult to say. BUT, first impression's beautiful! Breathtaking, actually. Love it!

Really the thing to do it try it in your space at different times of the day, different lighting and see if it works in the space. All the elements together. I don't think you need to wait to get the counter in. But when you're doing that little trial, make sure the piece of counter you have is laying flat (as you have it above). Definitely more of a real life view.

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If happen to order a sampling first, be sure to get the same lot number for your order so they will match. The firings can differ significantly. Tile shops around here keep a record of that but all of them might not. You might ask them to hold the full quantity while you check it out.

This is also why it's a good idea to have them at least send for a sampling (3 tiles showing variations if there are some) from the current lot. The showroom samples can be quite different in coloring, even for ceramic tile.

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