Our final 'Hail Mary' pass at selling

onlygirlsmomJuly 8, 2009

Our house has been on the market since Aug 2007 (gaads that makes me sick to see that in print) we are now in the final 7 weeks of being on the MLS listing. When we originally listed our goal was to sell and then build on property that we own. We knew we didn't want to start building until our house sold. Our situation has always been a little quirky -we don't HAVE to sell -we've just outgrown this house. We also have a chunk of equity built up so we didn't want to just give the house away.

Well, today we dropped the price to $139,900 from $149,900 -I honestly don't think it'll make a hoots worth of difference b/c our main competition seems to be foreclosure/short sales around here (we're in mid-MI -need i say more?) But we figured we'd give it a last gasp to see if it makes a difference.

If the house doesn't sell then we have resigned ourselves that we'll have to finish the basement (put in addtl bedrooms) and make our 3 season porch a full year addition.

(perhaps when our little St. Joseph statue fell over the ledge and his head snapped off should have been a clear sign our house was doomed not to sell :) :)

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There's where you went wrong - he was supposed to be buried, upside down, I think, not sitting on a ledge!

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By the way, you can apply to refinance the mortgage six months after the house is taken off the MLS.

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Was that a two year continuous listing with the same realtor? If it is, that could by why it hasn't sold. I would skip a two year listing.

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